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Found 4 results

  1. Strange two things have happened this week regarding Main Dealer service dept. 1st - Had a Hyundai serviced by main dealer this week , 2nd service - on time as its only done 5900 miles - got the car back going through the invoice for curiosity of breakdown of costs - replace spark plugs !! now looking at the list of ' 2 year /25,000 mile ' service technically its due but doesn't common sense come into the equation at times ? [ I didn't pay the full ' menu' price as I got a deal ] but when i booked it in surely the receptionist could have said about the spark plugs etc etc ! 2nd Just sold an MX5 to a customer and he asks me if the ' bottle for the puncture repair kit is up to date as its an MOT failure' I said I've never heard of that being part of the MOT. He went on tell me he's just had his Honda MOT'd at the main dealer and they rang him to tell him that would want replacing as its out of date for the MOT. [ The Mazda MX5 Bottle says best before 10/11 -serviced by Mazda and sold my Mazda Main dealer in 2012 , so you'd think they would have replaced it during the servicing or prior to selling to last buyer - wouldn't you? ] I just asked the workshop next door - they thought i's lost the plot as its nothing to do with the MOT [ Had to ask just in case new rules had crept in and I wasn't aware ] Any comments !
  2. Just wondering who's who ? I have no issues with anyone know who I am , where my location or contact details are - so anyone is free to talk / contact me directly if they so wish . Are others worried about rest of the forum members knowing who's who? Any particular reason ? #JustAsking
  3. When is a dealer not a dealer! A good friend of mine who likes changing his cars regularly asked me to find a car for him been searching a few weeks but not found the ‘right car-deal’ , many times he’s found the car and sent me a link to see if I can buy/deal ! This one has proved a bit difficult but he’s found the car at a dealer at a reasonable price! The ‘overall ‘deal is acceptable and he’s happy to do a deal. The deal is set up and I was going to go with him tonight to inspect the car / paper work and all being equal pay and come back with the car ( as long as both parties happy with both cars! ) my friend just called the dealer to confirm the details for tonight – The dealer says “ sorry but can’t accept card payment as it’s my brother in laws car – only cash?†so my friend rang me to say could we get the cash for him !! STOP! STOP I shouted. I asked my friend to call the dealer and ask about the invoice? The 12 months warranty? – the reply was “ Anyone can buy a warranty you don’t have to be a dealer , I can’t do you an invoice as it snot my car it’s my brother in laws and you’re buying the car off him!†As you can guess –we won’t be going tonight ( we have told him) Is this a new way to sell cars? legal obligations? VAT ? Legal title / owner? Opens up a can of worms if you ask me!