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Found 2 results

  1. That time of the month if you guys can help Philip Nothard CAP – HPI – It really is greatly appreciated This is the link to this months. See PDF For full last months results. IF anyone wants the report earlier than posted here – drop me an email with your details and I’ll pass these on to Philip and he’ll sent it directly – Survey overview summary (results attached)- Sorry unable to load pdf - I can email this if you email me • For the third consecutive month, this year, March has seen a lower number of respondent reporting an increase in physical footfall activity comparing it to the previous month against the results we observed in 2016. With 45% citing an increase this month, whilst this figure was 50% in March 2016, and 34% indicated it had declined, whereas this was 24% last year. • Online activity has followed a similar trend year-to-date as the footfall, with those reporting a decline compared to the previous month. However, 49% of respondents indicated an increase compared to the 50% in March 2016 and those citing a decline rose from 18% to 26% in 2017 and the dealers experiencing little or no change declined from 33% in March 2016 to 25% this month. • The respondent’s reporting compression in the retained margin rose for the third month this year, with 39% in March 2016 to 43% this year. Although, those experiencing an improvement increased from 20% to 23%, and the remaining 34% reported the margins to be about the same. • March 2017 has seen 28% reporting that stock availability has improved since the previous month compared to a higher percentage in March 2016 of 38%. In line with last year, 45% said, it they had seen little or no change, and the remaining 28% felt it had worsened since February. • The results for finance penetration has seen an increase in those responding citing an increase for the third month this year. With 34% reporting penetration improved compared to 32% in March 2016, and those indicting a decline had reduced from 21% to 18% this month. Those experiencing little or no change remained in line with last year at 47%. • For the second consecutive month, those reporting that consumer demand has worsened increased, with 33% compared to 21% in March 2016. However, respondents experiencing an increase remained similar at 41% compared 45% in 2016, and those citing demand to be about the same declined from 34% in March 2016 to 26% this month. • dependent on the manufacturer of representation, as those who have entered the market, have varying strategies and relationships with their dealers.