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  1. I wash and shine every engine it’s been years since we had a problem either we are getting better at avoiding the hot spots or engines are better at hiding modules. ref customers : customer says why has it been cleaned are you hiding anything I simply reply not at all this is why we clean then so you clearly see if there is a problem being hidden by years of gunk and as you can see there clearly isn’t. now bore off
  2. And the award to the worst built engine ever in my view goes to this pile of complete and utter junk, killed minis for me.
  3. Next time the van is around you might want to try Kril for engine dressing it works better with the heat finish tends to water down to much.
  4. A lot of it isn’t lust the 1ltr eco flex is a group 3 insurance which is semi affordable to first time drivers.
  5. I seen one the other day, bumpers have been painted but doesnt effect there effectiveness, some of these have to be a wind up, there was a thread not so long ago with some of the funniest things i have ever seen.
  6. No reason to any of it, I had an out of the box 107 envy in white piano black trim 24k grade 1 all the way sit for 3 months, then a similar model on a 10 plate 61k £500 cheaper on a 10 plate sell within 3 days. But sorry have no idea about your kind of stock at all only sold one BMW 320td in a while and very quickly reminded me it wasnt a market for me for a reason.
  7. There are some cracking old wives tales floating around about stocking loans, yes there are idiots who will be burnt but it if it wasnt stocking loans then it would be credit cards or loans the option to borrow money and be reckless with it isnt new. For me the car supermarkets are more to blame than stocking plan holders, these supermarkets work on pure volume and are happy to sell the car at cost and pressure the sales staff to build in add on "breakdown cover extended warranty lifeshine ect" into the deal to make there profit so cap means nothing to them anymore, its all about economy of scale, buyers fees are for nothing delivery is a deal as your buying lorry loads at a time, valeting companies all want your business, whilst there dropping off all the new cars there taking away your part exchanges for no doubt another next to nothing deal. I see it happen locally to me day in day out, this then takes all the grade 1-2 cars out of reach for most of us leaving a huge shortfall and pushes 3-4 grade cars over cap as well you cant sell empty spaces so have to buy something.
  8. They where fun times indeed for the first few years i didnt even need to go to auction we had main dealers to source stock from and traders who would bring stock around daily stock was so easy to get they where happy to make £100 a car on you.
  9. Totally spot on, and as those prices increase so does your investment need to just to make the same money.
  10. Yep totally agree its enough to send you to the funny farm.
  11. Bit of grave digging there, but just goes to show how times change fast in this industry.
  12. OP I feel your anger from a legal standpoint i think you would have to prove a crystalised loss i fail to see any claim options open to you for there markers being incorrect there a matter of view similar to glass / parkers / cap. A massive uphill claim would require you to have lost a sale directly from the markers being incorrect and then having a customer say they purchased a car elsewhere as yours was to expensive as advised by AT this would then require you to provide evidence that your car was not over priced ? where do you start there, back to cap glasses and parkers maybe and then trace similar vehicles spec condition mileage owners ect the expense of expert witnesses alone would make this a non starter. Plus remember you would only ever get the lost profit within that one given sale and then the markers would still remain. Not trying to be negative nancy here just think a lawyer somewhere would promise the world and deliver very little apart from take everyones money. Option B, is to vote with your feet as i did and left as in all things advertising, somethings work some dont markers for me dont so i left no song and dance just emailed them told them to shove it, did they care ? i didnt even get a phone call just a final bill so i guess they didnt but thats ok neither to do i.
  13. nothing like an early morning sweeping statement.
  14. I run one of these to ferry the dogs around on the weekend it’s one of the best dog horse I have ever run 2006 140bhp version
  15. even if you sell one a week you seem to average a retail price of £2000ish that in itself would take you over the vat limit
  16. plus to sell 20 you would a steady source of stock in flow no way you could source them all from ebay so off to auctions it would be and then your swimming with sharks and there just the auction houses, £1500 value cars you can add £250-400 fees and delivery doesnt leave a lot for your £300 -500 margin. It sounds as if we are all a grumpy bunch of gits, which you would be right but i am just trying to highlight some of the issues You will come across you havent even started to think about yet. As tv mentioned if you can run your job and maybe do the odd one here and there to build up some extra income, that has got to have an appeal. Your opening comment we all started somewhere was true, but for most of us it was days of hardly no internet no cra rules one or two local suppliers for cars with an add in the evening post every thursday to sell stock, things are a lot harder these days.
  17. I assume you have selected an accountant i would go spend an hour with them and give them all your pay slips p60 ect they will need this to complete your sa302 for this years sales anyway and seek there advise, whilst asking on a public forum is often handy for someone to give you a plan ahead without knowing all the in and outs of your situation is almost impossible. There is also a guide you can download from this forum which covers most of these questions. Looking at your plan to scale up to 4-5 cars a week thats a lot of work you will no doubt need to employ staff 2 if not more people and there in lays your next hurdle.
  18. When you say you have "registered as a sole trader" registered with who ? if your going to get molested by the tax man i am wondering how you missed the vat man, I would read up on the vat rules make sure you dont fall fowl of them.
  19. Lol you have to love the power of the internet.
  20. as with anything bca there a law to themselves.
  21. Just run a previous two quarters and all the answers you need will be in there, it is almost impossible for anyone to answer the question with specific info only you have that said I would bet Mrc will be proved correct.
  22. I am sure there designed to confuse us, dont see that many bcm in a ford ka, I no longer buy them for there stupid faults and fussy customers that expect it to be brand new.
  23. I even seen this when there switched off you say all the lights are on does that include the spot lights at the bottom, I looked a right wally when I asked someone to look at it they just toggled the control on the dash and they came on. Proper durr moment for sure
  24. Same as me get it gone... ASAP next