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  1. To many chiefs not enough indians and nothing spoils a friendship like money.
  2. 2003 reg started with EY53 billy basic in silver £4700 plus the fees someone really wanted this car.
  3. watching the same car was we ? seems like the rest of the country was as well.
  4. I can beat that audi TT in enfield this morning cap clean £1450 retail £2625 i had a punter for it and was going balls deep at £2200 -----nope i didnt even get my hand up ended up selling for £4700 plus fees
  5. Someone from inside the company would only be liable if they signed to be so other than that the protection of the limited company viel in most cases stand, and for partnerships my thinking is its far easier to allocate shares via a ltd than draw up a very long drawn partnership agreement which is almost always picked apart by solicitors when it all goes south. anyway almost put myself to sleep then....op have you bought any cars yet
  6. Not sure of your area but local auctions mainstream and small indi ones often have non runners in there which used to go for pennies but these days they command more of a price ticket but still could be worth a look.
  7. I was only being curious its your path to walk, i think the days of hiding behind a ltd company for protection has lone gone, any major financial implications these days are mostly covered by a personal guarantee from a director (apart from the recent bounce back loans before some smart ass fires that at me) if anything the accounting requirements and director legislation are a dead weight to a small business over a sole trader set up.
  8. Whats your thinking behind opening a Limited Company ? over a soul trader
  9. Chaps I meant let’s keep smiling no one wants to talk to a salesman who Is on a cliffs edge. I never said it was going to be easy .
  10. Why not ? A lot of families have had there holidays cancelled, been sitting at home on full or nearly full pay not been out spending. cant remember who said it from one of James excellent pod casts for every possible negative there is a flip side positive I like that thinking makes you feel up beat when your feeling up beat you make things happen in business.
  11. For the good old fashioned Ford Fiestas of this world i do the same as you, sod paying anyone to tell me what I can find out in nano seconds.
  12. Welcome and good on you, by all accounts the world is ending soon got to love a little bit of British backbone, you didnt give the vital bit of info as regards what you stock vehicle wise, cap is handy if you selling odd ball kit with expensive oe upgrades if your into bread and butter such as we do year in year out i could tell you each model in stock where the prices range from and to so its pointless. Let us know how the new unit goes for you.
  13. I think thats an excellent idea i was looking prior to bat carnage for just this kind of thing to take my youngest on an adventure all i could find was full blown motor homes which was to big for what i wanted, there where a few but took a four hour drive to collect and then another 4 hours back and four hours onto where i wanted to go...so i give up. I wouldnt worry about the negative brigade, i am amazed half of them switch the computer on without the fear of being electrocuted. Go big or go home thats the difference between the men and the boys when the seas get rough.
  14. I think there are different rules for different car types, for example the small aygo c1 107 family have a tendency to be bought by mothers of small children as second cars or first time drivers, so the first thing i check for when looking at them are dents in the roof where they sit there child whilst checking facebook ( i kid you not) and first time drivers hammering clutches. Apart from specific known car faults the basics i tend to cover are screen scratches chips always expensive to put right, nasty smells and signs of previous bad repairs, cars with built in radios I am also keen on as there a nightmare to get repaired or swap out. Think this list could go on forever
  15. Excellent answer there, i do not use Autotrader as it doesnt work for ME i dont see the need to bash people who do.
  16. A very broad question to answer as a lot of dealers do things totally different, many factors differ from how far away do you sell your cars local or national ? do you have a great support network like mechanic spark general all rounder ect. Return to base cover like we offer is great if your selling locally if someone has a abs light come on for example we can have it fixed and back them normally within 24 hours often the same day, then fixing faults becomes almost a secondary advert for your business when there mate down the road is still fighting with the big supermarket to even look at there car fault. For us everything is in house we control the fix we control the parts spend and nip any issues in the bud straight away before a snowball turns into an avalanche as these things often end up doing. You dont have to have your own technician in house you can do as we did at first and have a local mobile guy come and look at faults. Faults are a nightmare for sure but we take the view now is the time to shine fix it clean it get it back to customer job done.
  17. You heard that important bit of info from ? selling to whom cant see marketplace making a dent on anything its a very poor platform and has even added its own form of price markers so not even worth looking at.
  18. Notice a lot of thank you comments on social media like Autotrader done you any favours from the goodness of there hearts, they responded to a massive reduction in customers like they have never seen before they had to do something to try and keep dealers. When the going was good give they give two hoots about price markers ? did they hell as like. Still say Ebay motors missed a massive opening they may never get a similar chance.
  19. I know of at least ten small dealers open i passed daily there didnt seem to be anyone out enforcing the rules that i have heard off, other than the old wives tales, i said ten almost everyone is back open from what i can see.
  20. my comment clearly struck a chord with lots of people, i wasnt being funny just some of the advise given on here would be a money pit if followed.
  21. Thats if the auction houses want to shift back to physical, for now they will have to but i do see a future for grade 1-3 cars all to go on line first then who knows, the staff and insurance cover alone might cover the lost sales from the car wash crew turning up each week with a pocket full of kesh. From what i see those kind of buyers are cutting there teeth on facebook ads turning up at peoples door steps and bidding them hard and forcefully, we bought a KA this week the lad tried to sell it on facebook but had several very nasty people turn up and almost throw him half the money and walk off with the keys.
  22. Best bit of advise from me would be not to listen to every bit of advise you receive.
  23. Hi Steve crazy times welcome all the same
  24. Rome wasnt built in a day as they say, and bread and butter does sell on there you have a fair amount of dreamers the block button is great with dealing for those type of customers, study your demographics well create an add that reaches the customers pointless just letting it go for 100,s of miles if its a billy basic fiesta people wont travel that far so set your distance wisely. As with all forms of advertising its a trial and see and fine tune what works for you.