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  1. Just to clarify free as in nothing to pay ever or a holiday either way its a very decent thing to do.
  2. Order delivery from Asda six days delivery slot but had 96% of what I ordered no way am I waiting in line for hours like a lamb to the slaughter
  3. i was a few days behind you.
  4. I think people out flouting the government advise are my nature of their behaviour the customer I normally swerve. that said there is always an expectation to the rule, I took an on line deposit yesterday from a mother who wanted me to hold an Aygo until the crisis is over for her sons 18th spoke to her several times and surprisingly she is very normal unlike the rest of the fruit bats that keep emailing with stupid offers. Agree with most people health over wealth for me.
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    Not many loans these days do not require it the olden days of hiding behind a limited company are as rare as hens teeth. You only have to turn to social media to see the country up in arms about the banks offering CBIL loans and still asking for your pound of flesh.
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    100 agree default will not go in your favour 100% you would have signed a personal guarantee which will indemnify bca against all loses such as collection costs resale cost storage they will hit you with so many bills your eyes will spin. have you tried applying for government support to settle the bill ? When are your cars due to hit maybe there taking it case by case if they send out a blanket take a holiday even garages that can afford to pay won’t.
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    That really sucks such a huge company with no info being fed to the front line staff no excuse for it, I would hold out for common sense it makes no sense what so ever for them to come and collect cars they would have trucks out all over the country the cost would be crazy instead of just coming up with a decent deal to help dealers out. I think it will be a case of watch this space, do you have an account manager maybe try them instead. Hope it works out for you.
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    That’s very poor of them i remember reading there standard t&c’s Which allow for a similar extension so basically they have offered there customers nothing. surprised me that has thought they would have done more, have they announced this or just word and mouth?
  9. That is the way our accountant spelt it out to us, He sees loads of fines once this clears up people clearly taking the piss. I left myself employed but enrolled all my staff not with the risk 6 months down the line having HMRC issuing fines willy nilly. I agree this has been a massive wake up call for the world, as you say the stupid will still be stupid in six months time however i would like to think if i come out of this alive and not died of going insane then i will have a totally different look on life.
  10. Neither have i, our accountant has sent over forms for us to fill in regarding how is going to apply for the 80% wage grant, everyone on the payroll as long as they where there on feb seems to be included directors included.
  11. Still to early to read all the detail but did I here right that they are going to calculate assistance grant from profits ? What if your making hardly any profits those poor buggers who hardly make anything need more help than anyone. And they have to wait until June.
  12. The devil is always in the detail and so far very little detail has been released, so far they have promised a lot and delivered very little so I am on the fence as regarding if they are doing the right things.
  13. one Point that isn’t being mentioned is once you enter into the scheme the employer can claim the 80% but doesn’t have to give the 20% that’s a choice for the employer to make.
  14. To be fair didn’t a lot of dealers think the same thing ? I wonder if xyz auctions will be cheaper now I just tell them Cheers bot no thanks life to short to let aliens grind you down
  15. So if a director of a company signs onto the scheme whilst he is on the scheme they are unable to work, well who runs payroll for the rest of the staff ? sees bills are met answers customers online questions? wouldnt that be classed as working. I wonder how they will monitor who has worked and who hasnt.
  16. I would have replied i would rather give it to charity than ring you. vultures
  17. Hasn’t Ebay just dropped them can’t see them having much of a roll to play once that partnership comes to an end
  18. Got to love advertising works well for us.
  19. we had them as well, i did try and bend there arm on the motors package but they wouldnt budge.
  20. cheers, great timing my dd went out today
  21. Anyone heard any similar moves from gumtree / Ebay ?