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  1. Totally agree, odd manhiem doesnt try and duplicate there clear success with there on line buying app
  2. Cough and I will kick you in the nuts. staying alert here
  3. Funny that I feel the same about manhiem bca just seems to be an easier place to buy from. manhiem needs an app to match bca.
  4. And watching bca this morning seems some dealers 50k is burning holes in there pockets
  5. Bca just seem to be moving there stock around nothing fresh arrived, never bought from Aston opened an account tried to get prices of fees and delivery and was told I had to buy ten cars before they told me the price I was going to pay.......hmm maybe not
  6. And the comment that economic hardships may force people to buy second hand cars ! Sounds good news to me
  7. I only heard opportunities in that video.
  8. No idea who they are i tried to register to have a looksie and was told i didnt fit there dealer profile so still have no idea. Or any idea what profile / dealer there looking for what ever it was it wasnt me
  9. I forgot about that angle, with that in mind the dealers are the last people they want, apart from maybe the supermarket buyer.
  10. From the auction house side of things those customers pay over the odds for stock so if anything there the ones they would want at an auction not the dealer hoping to buy anything close to cap
  11. They could just sort there appraisal system out and they wouldn’t need branches.
  12. Think the on line model suits them.
  13. Really ? still shocked me how little people know about what funding has been offered by various councils and the government. All the info you need is out there ten fold, it takes less than a few hours to get your head around it all and come up a formula that works for your business,
  14. Indeed very valid point, same as any borrowing for me it should be used short to medium term with a plan to wean yourself of it and build your own fund.
  15. The cynic in me cant help thinking what a neat set up this is, sell a car grade 3 to a dealer the dealer then puts it on plan spends there own money to turn the car into grade 2-1, all of a sudden you cant pay and bca turn up collect the car put it through the ring as a grade 1-2 for clearly more money charge the dealer for the default and collection re-action fee admin costs ect invoke the personal guarantee if the dealer cant pay. I have seen far more riskier investments.
  16. The costs in that would be mind blowing, you would need a court order to set aside any pending action which alone would be straight into tens of thousands. Being morally correct doesnt always = a win against deep pockets.
  17. A very valid point however if you think this through the courts can only ever act on legislation as it stands so personal guarantees will stand, i could never see government changing that statue it would make borrowing almost impossible and the economy would have even less options to recover. In my earlier post didn’t mean to sound flippant 1.5m is way above my pay grade that would give me sleepless nights that’s for sure. a lot of dealers would rather not discuss such matters in the open forum maybe you would get more answers if you joined the forum and asked a similar question in the dealers only section. hope it works out for you however this shit show unravels.
  18. Think it was only to be expected, they played there cards very close to there chest and waited for the government to give out loans like they where smarties.
  19. If you have big enough pockets or balls to buy a merc auto with no report at all crack on, he who dares rodney and all that.
  20. Ones that offer the margin vat scheme are far and few between and mostly then there just bolt on's have you priced the basic service with your accountant ? it shouldnt cost the earth and they can wiz through it.
  21. I don’t see what rules are being broken, we have a fully prepared workshop opened to service and repair any front line workers vehicles so far we have changed a battery hardly a money spinner but hey ho, now we have people wishing to view a car via a click and collect type system who is to say there not front line workers I didn’t. Two of the customers have already asked could we hold onto the cars should they like them until lockdown is over. And to be honest if anyone moans about it just have a look outside your local b&q or corner shop our local corner shop has now added outdoor bbq,a and compost outside his shop and is doing a great trade, hardly essential purchase yet nothing is said to them.
  22. I agree with Rory plenty of noise coming in now from advertising got three viewings firmed up for next week already, there are far to many people who talk themselves into misery these days. top tip I have discovered during this carnage is that reading constant negative news will make you negative and you won’t even know it has done it.