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  1. Hi everyone, we're running a story about bounce back loans. A few dealers have told us they're still waiting for the bounce back loans they applied for months ago. Are you one of them?
  2. Hi everyone How are you coping with the new regulations regarding test drives? Are customers requesting fewer test drives or, knowing they can be alone in the car, are there more test drive requests? Are you comfortable giving unaccompanied test drives? Does your insurance cover it? Because of the regulations, do you find customers who visit your showroom and take a test drive are more likely to buy. They must be more serious than a tyre kicker simply because they've made the effort to arrive at the showroom? Are customer reluctant to take test drives? Are they nervous? Post-Covid-19, will you offer unaccompanied test drives when the regulations return to normal? Please let me know as we're putting a story together. Thanks