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  1. Just because I don’t like when people post problems and don’t update the pipe was taken off, soaked in diesel overnight blown through and the light is now off. thanks all
  2. Definitely harder this week, easing slightly yesterday and today but a couple of my buys were maybe a big over eager in retrospect. Have also found this week slow for sales for the first time in a while, got a couple of promising viewings lined up tomorrow but have been battling with real flaky types all week on the phone.
  3. Thanks Dave, garage started talking all kinds of possibilities so I just said do the pipe and if it’s not that then I’m paying your time anyway.
  4. Found it on eBay in the end a bit cheaper but yes love AliExpress. Used to buy a few bits off there and sell them on eBay.
  5. Yes, diesel. Where do you get the screens from? Strangely it seems fine today but I'm sure that's temporary!
  6. Got a 10 Nissan Juke, traction light comes on about 20/30 mph, goes out again after its turned off and on... someone mentioned a turbo pipe?? Radio screen is also dull. Anyone know the best fixes for these?
  7. Cazam?! What’s that? You’re joking right?
  8. It’ll be the same next year when the taxes get hiked... budget has been delayed because the treasury don’t know how to balance things.
  9. Once they get their results, if negative, they don’t have to isolate anymore. Pretty shitty if you have to cancel your holiday so will hope he’s negative. Results take a couple of days. sorry don’t know the answers to your questions but hope the info is helpful.
  10. It’s a massive overreach from the government, that some are cheering on reductions to their liberties because they’re so scared of this hyped-up virus defies all common sense. The media and government have worked hand in hand yet no one here understands what propaganda is. Then you have the Soviet style grass your neighbours up stuff. Carry on trusting in and relying on the nanny state if you want, I worry where it’ll all end up - you only need to look at what’s happening in Australia.
  11. Yes, it happens. Vendors need certain amounts back for cars... what can you do? Best thing to do is only pay your maximum and if it keeps going don’t get emotional - it’s not meant to be. Plenty more fish in the sea.
  12. That's the way to do it. Failing that get it out in the local rag and someone local with a few quid will go for it. £100k for a house worth more with guaranteed 5% yield, no brainer... even if bought they could remortgage straight away and pull out the money and buy another. Sounds a good opportunity.