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  1. Good point. I also wonder how many miles theyve covered in this car since you sold to them...
  2. In most cases if faced with repeated client moans i would probably just unwind the whole sale, refund in full and re-sell the car after having it checked over again dealing in small claim courts and solicitors is not something i have any desire to encounter so would always try and do the above asap and move on with a quiet life as possible!!
  3. We had a client in last year about coolant leaking and having to top up, and they were going to get it looked at as also had to top up oil once Thankfully it was something minor and we heard no more from them except to thank us for answering their questions so quickly and being on-hand to speak to. But it got me thinking what kind of bad things it could have been .... worse case im imaging is head gasket on way out? and then i thought what on earth we’d do if it was something major - especially in a car with sub £500 profit !! we take great care with the cars and prepare them well so its always horrible to ever hear any negative reports and just always want to deal with them quickly and efficently
  4. Just info for now as touch wood only ever had 1 car back that was a dirt cheap part ex. Never again i just want to know what legally we need to do when these things arise. We want to do things right and not have the piss taken by either side. Some clients u can tell will be calling about every little thing. I just wondered if you should sometimes just offer part payment to fix problems or just say bring car back and refund amount and find a better buyer!!
  5. Also what would you do if a repair bill/quote comes in that you think is just too high? Or a repair you’re not sure is quite as large as has been made out? if you’re too far away to have your own mechanic look at it but werent happy with your customers mechanic quote for proposed work what would you do? these are fairly common issues we hear about in the trade and its good to know where you stand. Customer service is v important to us
  6. Cool thanks. So if a repair is either not possible as theyre too far away and you dont want to pay a ridiculous price from their local garage you’re within your rights to refuse their bill and just offer a refund and close the issue off? You cant be forced to pay a bill from their garage as you always have a fall back of offering a full refund
  7. Thanks again much appreciated. So the absolute most you can do is offer them to return for a full refund? would you cover mechanic costs they have incurred too? What about charging for mileage theyve put on the car? With some buyers it seems best to unwind the deal and find a more suitable new owner!!!
  8. Thanks guys. If client lives too far away to fix yourself would u just offer a full refund? What about if they have to pay for diagnosing do u still just offer full refund of sale price? Not refund plus diagnosing costs? do u subtract anything for use? Like mileage?
  9. Also, if you guys do offer a refund in those 30 days or even in the first 6 months, do you take any money off for mileage and wear and tear? Charging 40p per mile etc? and if the new owner has been to a garage to have inspections etc do you also cover those costs or are you only having to offer a full refund of the initial purchase price and take the car back?
  10. What do you guys do with complaints? if the car is within the first 30 days and you get moans about any kind of issues - oil leaks, drop links, misfires, coolant leaks, etc etc do you usually pass over to the warranty company and ask them to step in or try and sort repairs yourself? i know the first 30 days are the main part and then 1 month to 6 months also. Just wondered how the majority deal with issues as/when they arise?
  11. Quick update. Lots of Audi’s currently. Ranging from A1’s to SQ5’s. Mostly s-line models. Also VW’s including R-lines, gti performance etc Few Range rover sport/evoque also. Cheers
  12. Hi thanks, yes indeed its not really a hard sell :-) i will be honest most of the stock is £10k plus as its all fairly new (0-5 years) and usually low mileage stock that would be ideal for large independents that stock prestige cars and main dealers. (Will update first post accordingly) But will of course let you know should anything come in within your range.
  13. I hope this post is ok to put in here? I have access to a wealth of very nice cars via a car brokerage company that i’m involved with. Please get in touch here or pm if you are looking for a good supply of particular stock. Cars range from standard cars, Golfs, Audis etc to Bentleys, porsche, range rovers and everything in between. I have a list of dealers who buy from us and if anyone else needs stock please get in touch. Can provide a quick snapshot of the cars available and then forward full sales particulars including spec, description, any damage, service records and a guide price the client would like. Some people just say “let me know about every Bentley you get” or “i just want s-line audi range” etc Most of the stock is £10k-£100k as its all fairly new (0-5 years) and usually low mileage stock that would be ideal for large independents that stock prestige/premium cars and main dealers Cheers.
  14. Absolutely bloody ridiculous