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  1. Obviously not because they do not get to see anybody in person for any great length of time. But they probably will get repeat customers who prefer to order a car from their sofa and have a general dislike or distrust of dealers. You are otherwise comparing apples and oranges. They both have positives and negatives. This coming from somebody who will always want to see and drive a car before buying.
  2. Are those people that common? OR sensible?
  3. It would not surprise me if this is one of the reason people buy online. Browsing at leisure without feeling pressurised that they have to buy by aforementioned hungry sales person.
  4. You will not return a call to somebody who leaves a voice message on your phone system? Begs the question why even have an answerphone?
  5. To some extent yes I agree. But bear in mind government have put out a lot of guidance for businesses to adhere to. I am unsure of the legal complexities but potentially they could face sanctions for not adhering to government guidance. Thing I dont believe there has been a legal precident against companies not following it, so nobody really knows what could happen.
  6. I would prefer this incident not to escalate to a matter akin to Hayden vs Scottow. As such I offer you the opportunity to retract your comments above, and also your comment of March 24th. Unless you have been sitting behind a reliable VPN you might be wise to swallow your pride and take said opportunity. @James Baggott
  7. Why not ignore me or enter into constructive conversation. Or do you just tend to resort to insults and name calling when the debate has exceeded your cerebral capacity? Cretin and alike I dont care. But calling people nonces is crossing the line and I feel that you are the one who needs removing. There really is no need for those kind of remarks. Yeah absolutely its possible that prices keep rising. I have made a best guess hypothesis. I personally cannot see the current demand being sustained when the bounceback loan application deadline passes on November 4th, and the government stops paying furlough to 1 in 12 workers at the end of October. Many people, though not all, have had greater disposable income as a result of being paid but not having to actually work. Coupled with fewer people going abroad and shopping etc. Over the last decade at least the general attitude of the average Joe public in Britain has tended to be that they spend everything they get paid, live pay cheque to pay cheque and to hell with any sort of contingency. As I say you might be right and prices go up and up, but I just cannot see a rationale for that happening in light of the above. A smart dealer might not agree with the above but will develop a contingency in case it happens. The more obtuse dealers might well struggle. You can probably work out which dealer I will be buying from if my theory plays out. Some would buy now I am biding my time. Pays your money takes your chance and all that.
  8. ok thanks for the clarificaiton. Perhaps they wanted to knock something silly off the price and when you offered to do the job that avenue was no longer open, so they vanished into the night. Current market strength in the dealer trade. I imagine when demand starts to drop it will be discussed at length on here. Looking at prices on autotrader is one thing but hearing it straight from the workers is more useful.
  9. Is that your sharpest retort? Its pitiful. I am waiting for the prices to drop so I can make my move on a nearly new veee-hicle. Anticipating it will be November after Furlough has finally ended. Knowledge is power......Cretin. Anyhow I dont think discussion about an illness thats contributed to 800,000 worldwide deaths can be referred to as 'crap'....Well, unless you are a cretin Given that nobody has answered the question. Dare I suggest you dont want to answer the 'cambelt' question because the truthful answer is......'The buyer has correctly pointed out something on the car that needs doing, and I dont want to admit it'?
  10. Whats wrong with asking if the cambelt has been changed? Its a 5 year interval so about due.
  11. Think hes one of many out there who expect others to fix their problems.
  12. Wooden you just know it. I really like celery.
  13. Found a car online and the price is £6300 on the advert but in the car window the price is £6500. Turns out most of their other stock has the similar price discrepancy. I would guess so the dealer can claim it should be £6500 but then agree to "honour" the online price, and use that to get out of any further price reduction. Would that be about right?