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  1. Hi, a google search has your answer:
  2. You're both correct in what you say however the majority of the general public (certainly the ones buying up to £3000) do not give a toss about your business being legit. They do not give a single thought to the car being pdi'd - all they are concerned about is THE PRICE. How many of us are repeatedly contacted the the "bottom price brigade". Do you for a moment think they give a fig about paying your overheads, wages, taxes etc.? It's only going to get harder over the next few years. There are desperate times ahead as most people's finances are stretched further but they want to maintain the same standards - I've certainly never met so many fussy & unrealistic customers as I have recently had the "pleasure" in dealing with.
  3. It'd be a one-off & I with my car's I certainlycouldn't be accused of laundering millions. With odds like that I'd take the chance.
  4. Who gives a fuck? I'd take the money & worry about the regulations later.
  5. Haha, this game attracts some of the biggest b*********s on earth & the auction houses are full of them - some of them must be on £15K per week & still live like pigs in a s******e
  6. A chrome MT Racing Silver Fox was my BMX of choice. I think it was something like £125 or £150 at the time - I was like a dog with two dicks. Btw, in response to an earlier post I've also thought there seems to be some new blood. I reckon it's cos the jobs market is fucked (this won't make any sense if you're in the London bubble) so we've got a few people "having a go" cos, as we all know, this game's a piece of piss & we're all making £3000 per week undeclared! As it the norm, most won't be doing it in a year's time - to be honest with the state of the pure shite that's getting traded-in my guess is these newbies will soon get sick within a few months. I've had 3 clutches walloped-in in the last fortnight & I can't see the new blood putting up with those sort of bills & there's only so many people you can rip off via Facebook or Bumtree.
  7. Dean, unfortunately if you think the answer to the some of public's discourtesy is accepting texts from them & rearranging your day on the strength of a text message then you'll soon be disappointed.
  8. Hahaha, beautiful, it's lovely to give a metaphorical two fingered salute to one of the too many lying, disrespectful *********. Unfortunately it'll go straight over their head - he missed because of the failings of the nasty car dealer. If he gives the usual pitiful/abusive response please do us the courtesy of reading it Honestly, I hate about 50% of the scum looking for a new motor ******* us about.
  9. Yes, very quiet on the sales front, a number of optimistic tyre kickers & big talkers on the phone. TBH I need stock after a half-decent last month so that may be some of my problem.
  10. Haha, I've a very cheap diesel Auris & the idiots are torturing me - they sound like similar people. An Asian gentleman on the phone offered me a p/x, every time I asked a question on the car he asked someone in the background, and then trotted out the answer - he didn't even know whether it was petrol or diesel. Anyhow £900 will buy his 2004 Peugeot 306, 140K miles, in London (surprise, surprise) - PM me if you want this nutters phone no. I had some greedy white trash out to see it today - in a 2000 Golf Tdi "the best car I've ever owned son" It seems he was expecting a brand new Toyota, but then apparently you can buy "mint" 2007 low mileage Golf diesels for £1450 on a Sunday night on eBay after I'd said they were £2500-3000 cars. Me: Why didn't you buy it. HIM: Cos I missed out on it. Me: So you hadn't seen it? Him: No. Me: How do you know it was mint then? Him: Cos it said on the advert. Me: You now been priced conditioned & you now expect a minter for £1500. You're obviously a Golf man so we'll leave it at that. Good luck in your search. What a fucking day - I should of stayed in bed.
  11. He must get absolutely tortured. I guess he takes it on the chin & simply relists.
  12. "Do you think it'll test mate?" "I'm from a disabled family, I need something reliable that won't break down. Can tell me honestly what the car's like and can you assure me this is absolutely fine?" "Will you deliver it so I can have a look & if I like it we'll possibly do a deal" "I've 2 phones, a Sony XYZ & a Samsung 123, they're both worth more than your car so you can make some money from them, swop m8" "Best price, m8" "Can I bring my mechanic" (What!?!! These fuckers are looking at bangers but can afford to retain a mechanic!) "How much tax is on it?"
  13. As Zammo used to sing in the Grange Hill drugs song, "Just say no".
  14. Hahaha, they're absolute beauties aren't they?
  15. Your potential customer wants about full retail. I think he's well out with his valuation and then do you really want it?
  16. You can't advertise as offering a test drive & then stating it's spares/repairs/scrap etc. I thought I occasionally employed the odd sharp practice but I obviously have much to learn. I suppose it's "Fuck Trading Standards", let's get on with it.
  17. Too bloody true. If it's more than about £150 I drive it.
  18. I've came across them before and was always unsure how they get away with it, eBay's a publicly accessible forum and they're clearly selling everything under trade conditions with no comebacks.
  19. It'll of been of more interest than the overpriced lots on offer.
  20. Yeah, in his bedroom via Facebook because that's the mentality of the fuckers. Innit man!
  21. Pink (was red), 9 days MOT, 2 bald tyres, not a scrap of service history, stank of fags, filthy seats & to operate the clutch pedal my left knee was up beside my ear!! QUALITY STOCK!!!!
  22. Haha, Arfur will you be heading to CDX to see what you're missing?
  23. Exactly. And if you give a discount they smell blood & torture you for weeks. It's easier telling them that's the price or it's no longer available - I honest would rather a car stood there than deal with them.
  24. They love a diesel Toyota, although the avenisis must be the cream of the crop. I've a cheap Auris diesel with nice miles - I've had a few greedy parasites on the phone from the 'heavily accented, last price' brigade. Funnily enough its cheap enough for these bastards to phone but yet they always want lumps off the price & ask about every mark & scratch etc. They're lucky if they get 20 seconds of my time, although tbh one of them tricked me with his waffle and got 45 seconds the other day until I told him to "phone back tomorrow & don't expect a discount". I'd rather it sat there than try to thrash out a deal with these chancers.