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  1. Haha, I bet you still took his money & waved him off.
  2. Bloody hell D&M that's some tale. What sort of person asks for a quick test drive just because they've seen it in a car park? He's that serious he can't be arsed to visit you, another penniless dreamer.
  3. If the auction houses are so desperate that they're signing up to a contract like that then they're heading for the knackers yard. I, for one, have no sympathy for car auctioneers. They rape their buyers with their fees, they offer fuck all service to the same buyers and they have twisted the industry so that large vendors are paying next to nowt because they always expect to get blood out of us lads. They only have themselves to blame for any hardship. The sooner more of it ends up online, with sensible fees, the better.
  4. Bluster & bullshit. Allegedly a large team working on errr..what? No car, no prototype, no factory. I suspect this electric vehicle will be closer in concept to Sinclair's C5 rather than Citroen's C5.
  5. There are a few cars selling on the internet at more than I'd sell them for. There must be some in the trade stood with some expensive looking cars.
  6. Hahaha. Some of them private punters must get a right old surprise when they drive their new pride & joy out of the gates. From what I've seen half of them don't realise the auction adds their fees - one old boy recently was whining like a knackered diff on a Vauxhall Carlton about his £300 fees on a £600 car.
  7. Yes a bulletproof old lump but God, were they thirsty in a Galaxy with an auto box hanging off the end of them! It's the only car I've ever had a call back from the customer complaining about fuel consumption. He thought it was faulty & that I'd ripped him off.
  8. BHM

    Quite Month!!

    You need thick skin in this game. There's plenty whinging on here about my attitude but they are other people's views to which they are entitled, I may strongly disagree with them but I'm not offended & it washes over me. The moral of this tale is if there is the slightest chance you won't like the answer then don't ask the question in the first place.
  9. BHM

    Quite Month!!

    +1. A poorly written advert would be off-putting to me. Conversely, when I receive emails in abysmal "text speak" I just hit the delete key.
  10. Sorry but I disagree. Nutters are to be ignored, dance to their tune & you play by their rules. Operate a straight business & you'll sell. If you think you can please 100% of people 100% of the time then I'm afraid you're in for a disappointment.
  11. Hi, I'm going to come at this from a different angle - DO NOT SEARCH YOUR COMPANY NAME & READ REVIEWS IF YOU ONLY EXPECT YOUR EGO MASSAGED!! You WILL soon be disappointed. The last time I searched my details, a couple of years ago, I was horrified at what I read. Apparently I'm rude (true, but only to arseholes), my cars aren't immaculate (no shit Sherlock!, most of mine are under £3K) and there was one reviewer who I'd only communicated via eBay email apparently didn't like me refusing to give him the personal details of a previous owner. The fact I'd asked him something along the line of "Would you expect me to forward your details to any internet weirdo who requested them?" didn't go down too well with him He was such a "real man" he put the same review on 5 or 6 websites. I guess he had a big stiffy on thinking he was going to wreck my business, because that's the mentality of these spineless cretins. HONESTLY WHITESTONE, PAY NO ATTENTION TO REVIEWS - THE POPULATION OF THE UK IS ABOUT 63 MILLION - DO YOU THINK ALL 63,000,000 WILL READ THE REVIEW AND GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IT? There is no such thing as bad publicity & I used to have a laugh with buyers who mentioned the reviews. Forget it & don't read it again. Simples.
  12. BHM

    Quite Month!!

    Three weeks ago I was whining that I'd sold nowt in nearly a fortnight then 3, 3 & this week 5. It is dead & the five I've sold this week have, oddly & gratefully enough, been 'sticky' scruffy old shitters that I thought nobody wanted, but they were cheap & five cheapies sold has made a very nice wage. I cannot weigh up this game though. 5 cars I've had stuck around for a while then in one week the only cars I sell are the nobody wants. Very odd.
  13. Snap. You can't force a customer to buy what they don't want to! The DVLA can do what it likes, the post office is 50yds from me & the DVLA is via the internet and that's good enough from me.
  14. To bloody true. The reputation bit is absolute bollocks or certainly is at the lower end of the market. A saving of £100 up the road on a similar car (but no history etc. etc.) will have the average greedy price-centric punter scurrying along & stuff you! I've seen it a number of times & even when they've bought a shitter they a still not happy with your prices.
  15. +1 absolutely. Tbh the days of making money with eBay auctions are long gone. The private man is back to shitting himself with auctions.
  16. The last 5 or 6 auctions I've attended I have bought nothing. I CAN buy crap just to fill spaces but the level of crap that's getting traded-in is too bad even for me. And on a rare trip to Leeds I found they now don't let you have the keys, , you can't get in them, you can't open bonnets & the driver's won't even allow you to try the electric windows. How the hell, in 2017, has the treatment of customers REDUCED to this level when in any other industry service levels have increased & they've embraced "openness"?
  17. Are you serious? You actually point a phone (or whatever) & record them!?!!! I can't believe it.
  18. I thought he was serenading us with song. He's probably had a few private messages asking if he's "free tonight for a drink and possibly more".
  19. You'll get your money out of them plus a drink. I hope you don't mind dealing with greedy Asians as they'll be all over that Passat like a rat up a drainpipe.
  20. That's why I hate small cars & try to avoid them.
  21. Stephen, they'll love them in the collieries & failing that a greedy monkey hanger will soon take them off your hands.
  22. +1 Absolutely. tbh when they say on the phone "I want to see a few of your cars" that usually means their head is already full of cars & they don't have a clue what they want.
  23. Yep - string him out with letters but don't be too quick to answer - play him at his own game. Although he has been to Honda, as usual he's over egging it so you'll trip him up. I'm not sure why many on here are so keen to refund a chancer, or perhaps in this case someone who has a minor fault and panicked.