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  1. True & true plus it always seems to be a desk jockey with no experience who feels that they can get to grips with this industry milking us for information with the intention of creating either software or an advertising website that will be the new panacea. I love all of these theoreticians, the think every industry can be sorted from a desk space in their bedroom because they have little understanding of the mechanical & human aspects. They should get themselves to the block, buy a few shitters, get them sorted, advertise them & then deal with a greedy idiot who values his 03 Fabia p/x at £800 - write me some software for that!
  2. Snap! All I'll say is it's buying that's a struggle, not overstocking & as for cars that can't shift they get their price slashed which will attract some greedy horrible scumbag.
  3. It's £300 from your profit. If it's close to home then fine but as Arfur says it's the time moving a-b. Time is your biggest enemy, it's ok saying you'll pop down for a viewing but if the punter says 2.30, you really need to be there from 2.00 and jiggling cars about if you're 15 minutes away means even just a car change is half an hour. £300 for 3 car spaces & a desk wouldn't get my vote but then I don't know your set-up at home - if you're in a cramped street rather than a large detached property then it may make sense to you.
  4. Andy, there'll be plenty of Birmingham or Bradford based gentlemen torturing you with insulting offers and wanting to visit mob handed at 11 o'clock at night. You know the sort, the sort you don't really want visiting.
  5. My experience is that once these arseholes start texting & don't get an answer they disappear. I've said it many times before & will say it again, DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS BY TEXT MESSAGE. It's the preferred contact method of arseholes, thickoes & chancers and when they don't get a response they haven't the balls or the gumption to phone.
  6. Always the potential customer - then I know if they're realistic or in la-la land.
  7. To be fair your mechanic is correct with his comments. See what comes of it all, you could be misinterpreting his intentions on the text. Don't contact him again, leave the ball in his court.
  8. Hahaha, I'm sure everyone else on this forum is squeaky clean & doing everything by the book
  9. Yes, I get the impression that judges generally feel a certain amount of sympathy with the plaintiff based on the thinking that if they've taken it "all of the way" and waited 6 months-ish then they must have a claim. However I always assume that any disagreement won't end up there - it's generally too much hassle. I once "sat across the table" and despite the whole court building (not just the room) being a mobile phone free zone the judge allowed the claimant to switch on his phone & search for various facts - not once, not twice, but three frigging times! You can guess which way the judgement went . However I still won't bend over backwards & give the chancers short shrift - the idiots phoning 12 moths later whinging about their MOT & service.
  10. Assuming he doesn't know you had the head gasket changed then he'd be getting well & truly sacked off here. 3 months on a 9 year old Astra & he thinks he's coming back - no chance. However if you advised him of your (pisspoor) repair then it's fair to say he has a point. However (again) how many people follow it through to the courts?? Finally, why are you offering warranties on cheap 9 year old cars? I've not offered a warranty in over 5 years & on the few occasions I've been asked about them I say "no but your statutory rights aren't affected". When I started trading it took me a year or two to realise punters took a warranty if it was free but they didn't want to pay for it. You giving warranties on old bangers is asking for comebacks (I'll await the comments from those perpetuating the myth that you have to warrant cars).
  11. I think I'll leave the write-offs for others, as I've always done. They've never seemed worth the hassle to me when there are enough straight cars out there. The only time I've sold plonkers is when I've had a couple as p/xs and God Give Me Strength!!! The number of stupid questions by fussy bastards wanting something for nowt was incredible. I suspect the main market for them is Gumtree, Facebook etc. - UNDECLARED!!
  12. Christian doesn't seem very forthcoming with his information.......... It could be an old knacker sold for for £200 or it could be a £200000's worth of Ferrari.
  13. Too bloody right they would. Hall bidders get run up by the internet & vice versa. On watching the Simulcast you can see what's going on when the auctioneer is saying one thing & the bid section is two or three bids ahead of him
  14. Groan! Yet another internet chancer looking to scam a few quid off the gullible, me thinks.
  15. Well said, although I think it was said about 'opinions' rather than reviews. It's for that very reason I couldn't give a stuff about reviews & haven't bothered looking for a couple of years. P.S. sorry if this view offends those of you who have convinced yourselves that life is to be lived via social media, run your business with one eye on internet reviews and have convinced yourselves to dance to the tune of arsehole keyboard warriors, although I do sympathetise with those who's business deals with that demographic.
  16. Absolutely true, personally if I could get enough DECENT p/x bangers I'd 'specialise' (ahem!) in them. The scrappers just want moving on to the spares-or-repair crowd but on stuff half decent it's so easy to double- or treble-up on them. If you've no overheads you can make a good living selling shite, as long as it's good shite that's clean & recently MOTed.
  17. BHM

    Quite Month!!

    I've had a reasonable month financially (I think I've flukes it) but it has been quiet & this week has been even worse. Courtesy of DA I was at Stoke this week & the compound was barely half-full of p/xs and today I was at a local dealer collecting another gem. The 4 or 5 salesmen were all sat around doing sweet f.a., only 3 leads on the board and not a punter in sight - although it still took them 45 minutes to find the keys & dig it out of the compound.
  18. In answer to the questions why I don't need to know the MOT station it's because I buy very little locally but even when I do I would not reject a car simply because I don't like the MOT station. I sell cheapies but I get the majority of my stock reMOTed anyway. I'd of thought all of the big dealers on here do the same - surely you're not just knocking out motors with an MOT of unknown quality?
  19. Does that mean they are just swapping 2 letters for 2 different letters?
  20. If you speak straight to people you don't get comebacks. The punter who wants comeback will be put off the moment you say "it's cash, no receipt, go & don't come back thinking there's a warranty because there isn't". When I say straight talk I mean STRAIGHT TALK. There must be absolutely no fucking about at this end of the market otherwise you will get comebacks. Obviously if you're retailing £30,000 German wet dream machines from a big glass showroom this approach is possibly not good for you. The punter on a 3yr old M5 might be somewhat put off to hear you telling a punter on a £300 Focus that "It comes with a lamppost warranty, now either get your wallet out or go cos I'm not fucking about over a £300 banger. Take it or leave it"
  21. Ebay. A brutal advert - total honestly, and quite rudely written i.e. No champagne taste, lemonade money idiots + £xxx does NOT buy a new car, if you want a new car go to your local dealer but you'll need 20 times more than this. It works a treat, you ignore all texts, most emails, weed out any arseholes or other undesirables on the phone and tell the viewing punter straight. If your sales technique is as abrupt as your advert you'll be fine but if you've not got the stomach for it or you're an automatic bullshitter promising the earth then you'll have bother Tbh buyers of a few hundred quid banger are no different to buyers of more expensive cars. You need to scare away the dickheads (most are just hard-up punters being overly optimistic) with a rough advert & rough talk and get left with a punter who understands shit money buys shit cars. There are plenty out there who expect & accept they will need to do a few jobs to a car at shit money.
  22. You'll get raped at the block for your cars. The majority of traders rightly steer clear of "part exchange direct" cars & your cars certainly won't get prime position in the running order. For fees contact your local auction house(es).
  23. Dear all, I've a new way of making money quickly & easily. I believe some people may refer to this as a "get rich quick scheme". After discussing this over a spliff & a few cans of Stella with my mates one night, I then spent a morning of my time researching car retailing and realised that I am able to REVOLUTIONISE the industry and, best of all, do it on the cheap! I want zero financial risk. I want to make zero financial investment. I want zero obligation to the purchaser. I have little/no experience but anticipate I can introduce myself to various main dealers and take their trade-in stock on a sale-or-return basis. I think I can source, advertise, test drive & sell or return vehicles simply sat on my arse looking at a computer. I believe I can sell anything within record times. I believe I am capable of handling 100's of cars. I believe I am capable of handing 100's of customers. Thankfully as I will not be responsible for any preparation or obligations under CRA2015 this frees up more of my time to deal with more & more customers. Yippee! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!! IT'S EVERY OTHER DAY ANOTHER FRUITCAKE SCHEME APPEARS. Is it just me that finds this ill thought out drivel depressing?
  24. Hi, haven't you answered yourself in your third paragraph?