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  1. Let’s be honest, it’s no surprise to anyone that sales are down. In fact it seems to be on just about anything and certainly isn’t restricted to vehicles.
  2. I go through 12 tins of satin black every 5 to 6 weeks.
  3. Yes and you can guess the sort of person who knows their rights with regards to Section 75 - exactly the sort of person who’d invoke it for the slightest reason!
  4. If you all really feel the need to entertain the internet gazers with videos (what a load of bollocks but I suspect even I'll be doing it in a few years) then why not present the video wearing a 70's porno 'tache and overdub some seedy 70's music. This should fit in quite well as I'm convinced about 95% of the nutters looking & emailing about cars are only doing so after finishing looking at whatever brand of filth turns them on.
  5. Frances finest. At least you got to the bottom of it.
  6. There’s no way on earth I’d run a business doling out ‘tick’ to penniless punters. At least in this game it’s full money then you get the keys.
  7. Yes, these serious buyers rarely make good on their word. I’m hard balling everyone at the moment - I’m cheap & they’re still wanting lumps knocked off. Funnily enough though, these characters aren’t cheap when valuing their scrap p/xs - £300 for a 15yr old petrol Ibiza with 150K including (and I quote) “a few electrical issues”. It’s as Umesh says that annoys me - the arrogance of some folk telling me how I’m going to run my business & how much I’ll going to sell to them for. I’ve had similar to him along with the ultimatum “take it or leave it, I’ll tell you what the deal is”! I decided to leave it.
  8. I wonder if these “coffee shop twats” are the same people who are emailing me asking “do I discount”. Three this morning (they must all be up early) all along the same lines and all clearly passing time - it’s funny how these characters can never lift up the phone. They haven’t seen the bloody car and they’re already wanting me to undercut myself. Bloody vultures, I think it’s going to be a loooooong Saturday
  9. Let’s be honest, on the face of it it doesn’t look greedy money, does it? VAT is at the landlord’s discretion (as daft as that sounds) - a long winded discussion with an accountant will explain it but basically the landlord must be VAT Registered & then has an option to tax.
  10. Wots ur best 4 cash m8, cash waiting Will come tomoz morning
  11. Tradex, an excellent post. All too bloody true - especially the last paragraph - and the bottom end of the market has turned sour simply because no-one in the “low money bracket” has a brass farthing to scratch their arse with as wages are squeezed downwards in real terms as inflation is err...inflating. My last 8 or so sales have all been to punters whos car has either gone bang or the MOT tester has slipped them a crippler. HOWEVER, after saying no-one has a shilling spare how come every McD/Burger King/KFC drive through has a queue 200yds long??
  12. Tbh Trade Vet is correct. When I sacked off mine years ago I found it so much easier arranging things properly, occasionally spending a little money to get cars moved but time is our biggest enemy and that’s why he said decent traders don’t bother with them. Also messing about on the road in winter lashing on a vehicle, sweating every time you see a police car and then getting pissy wet again unlashing it just isn’t worth the time or hassle. I’m guessing you don’t want a big car trailer so if you can’t switch over cars then get a pensioner to follow you, hire a local transporter lad on a pound note basis, etc. or get a fold-up pushbike.
  13. I preferred an A-frame too until many years ago I was ‘pulled’ one night and received 3 points & a fixed penalty. The next day it was on an eBay auction raffles off to the highest bidder.
  14. Dollies are legal, A-frames aren’t unless the trailer (vehicle being towed) is under 750kg. Insurance policy queries should be directed to your insurer.
  15. I’ve had a few optimistic chancers on the phone. Yesterday a withheld no. offering me an Astra SRi CDTi for an extremely attractive price as a p/x (ooooohh, lovely FIAT engine, egr, dpf, swirl flaps, DMF etc etc) however I’m more suspicious than I am greedy & SHE didn’t seem keen on answering questions about HIS car (whoever HE is). Today’s offering; A 55 plate Scenic owned for less than a week by the caller’s sister. Couldn’t give a straight answer to any question but apparently the car is perfect (they weren’t perfect when they left the factory) but she doesn’t like it. There was also mention of the electronic handbrake............No thanks, it’s scrap.
  16. BHM

    Road Tax

    Ta. You’re the first person to point me to the Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act - I shall relish the chance to rub some faces in this next time I venture to the block.
  17. BHM

    Road Tax

    Do you know where is this stated as fact? I’ve heard this trotted out for decades but I’ve never been directed to the proof of this. I’m all self contained on my land but I know a few lads who seem to fill the roads & parking bays of their housing estates and although the neighbours probably hate them they’ve never had any ‘official’ problems. Personally I couldn’t be arsed trading like that but if finances dictated then I would if I had to.
  18. It's all about price v. aftersales service. Lamppost warranties here.
  19. I find buyers of £300 p/x shite fussy, never mind £5K Clios.
  20. Couldn't afford a squirt of satin black to hide the yellow foam hanging out
  21. +1 I can't buy from the block at the moment, I've not had a car from Manheim for 2 months.
  22. Dead this week, 1 sale, but I noticed this a few weeks ago myself when all of a sudden 5 on my hit list (long termers) that I'd reduced by a few quid all went in the same week and in the end it made for a very healthy week. Two more long termers to go and anyone have any ideas how to shift a GolfPlus? Never ever again unless it's for pennies - even the horrible greedy VW men don't want it, Eastern Europeans turn-up there noses at it & even Asians only seem to want to make absolutely insulting offers - and even they can't be bothered coming
  23. A very valid point. After saying that my overheads are £175pm, which are my eBay fees, and I suppose a few quid towards my accountant. No mortgage, no rent, no finance, no stocking loans, nothing at all. With respect, there are a lot of you 1 & 2 man bands renting a little pitch, have a load of overheads, paying up for AT and are coming out with scraps at the end of every month. For the small traders on here, this game isn't about units or gross - it's about net & what goes into your pocket. Some of you would be better of doorstepping.
  24. I thought I had one too this morning. It turned out he's a patient from a local carehome who, unfortunately, has a few issues. It'd be funny if it wasn't true.
  25. The last year or so I've again started looking under the cars checking for rot (as opposed to just surface rust). We all know about Mazda 6s but X-Types aren't much better, them old S-Types weren't much better, some Toyotas seem crusty & have you ever looked at a mint Suzuki SX4? They'll be mint on top but underneath absolute scrap.