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  1. Hiya, same ol same.... still breathing though ( just )
  2. I'll stay open at midnight if it means selling a car. I've been bitten a few times though, Once I opened up on a bank holiday Monday, the day we were going on holiday and Packing... Customer called to confirm they were coming, be there at 1... I have to go by 2 as i'm driving to Heathrow.... Yep we'll be there for 1..... never heard from em again! You can imagine the Mrs face when I rocked up at 2.15 with no order form.... still go to the airport in time
  3. I'll second Airvidox, we got a free sample from a rep and it sat in valet cupboard for about a year, I used it in a BMW we took in PX that reeked of Marlbro about a fortnight ago, I did make the mistake of breathing some in, Jeez i nearly died, our whole unit smelt like a swimming pool, next day car smelt of chlorine, and no smoke smells at all, 2 weeks later still fresh as we had it back in off the customer for some work.
  4. Ask for Mark Bates, Tell them Mat @ SuperMiniUK sent you... ( i get a referral! )
  5. No mate, binned them few years back now ( still got my little reader in my drawer though for some reason! ) We're trying so hard to make it work, its been a tough few years, with a few scary moments but we're expanding now and moving to new premises next month, so fingers crossed......
  6. Wow. Forgot I’d written this drivel years ago. It came through in 5 weeks in the end Still happily plodding along 3 years later
  7. Secure unit available for rent in Nottingham. NG75NL. Bobbers Mill bridge. 10 Mins drive from M1 J26 and 5 Mins from City Centre, 15 mins from Nottingham Train station, 20 mins from M1 J24 for East Midlands Airport. This unit has SUI GENERIS planning permission for storage and sale of Motor vehicles. Also, if this is your sole business there are ZERO business rates to pay as it’s under the rateable value. We’ve outgrown this unit and are moving opposite so will be close by and available for mechanical prep / advice Basic details below. Contact Mat on 07714868519 / for more info / viewing AVAILABLE SEPT 2019 flexible terms available • 1837 sq ft workshop / showroom floor • separate area with space for 2 poster car ramp ( current ramp can be left in subject to negotiation ) • Large office / waiting area with telephone points • Seperate large kitchen / waiting area with hot water facilities • Large mezzanine storage area above offices • single separate W/C • separate sink area next to ramp area • CCTV and Dialler alarm system • 1 large roller shutter electric door • 1 small fire door / emergency exit • 3 MOT garages within 1 mile • Mcdonalds & great cafe 100 yards away £1250 per calendar month excl I cant add pictures but heres a link to my facebook page which has several. Cheers
  8. I avoid the early ones so thankfully don't have this issue....... but have several others!!
  9. Whats the Mini Age Miles spec etc... can give you a steer. ta
  10. Mat C


    I'm on holiday, Bought 7 cars the other day online ( all from 7 different auctions!! ) I stuck all 7 on Movex - 5 I got no quotes in 24 hrs... So i resorted to BCA's charges ( which weren't too bad to be honest ) and the other 2 were ridiculous. Seems the time of the month has struck.
  11. I had the (mis) fortune of working for these clowns. Rammel stock, badly prepped, legal paperwork piled up on desks, raping customers at 10 flat with GAP/PAINT/TYRE/ALLOY without disclosing, how they are still in business is beyond me.... don't get me started on their car store places with microphones on the desks so that they could listen to customers.. I've seen the shite they will sell off their forecourts, hence the reason i'll NEVER buy a car from a Pendragon sale at BCA.
  12. Speculate to accumulate and all that--- or at least wipe your face with it and move on to something else!
  13. ^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^ Also, You need to emphasise it has a PEPPER pack, thats what people search for. In reality, you've got a bobby basic Mini that will appeal to first time buyers, but young girls like the Ice blue colour or Red for some reason. I have also found that people are avoiding diesel Minis too. I would - Stick some black stripes on the bonnet, Wrap the roof black ( £200 ) Paint the god awful pepper pots black ( £140 ) - OR - but some nice 17" Black Mini Alloys ( £350 ish ) and it will shift...
  14. I think it washes out around £50 a car if its assured........ x 100 cars a year = £5k saving PLUS - you get half price breakfast.... which has meant i've needed to buy bigger trousers...
  15. I have gone platinum with BCA for the last year, I have bought 2 cars out of Manheim in 3 1/2 years of trading, their website is garbage in my opinion, at least in BCA if iI search JOHN COOPER WORKS i get all the Mini JCW stock, in Manheim, I get a mini cooper and a John deere tractor.... great. I can't be bothered learning how their site works, its not friendly ( to me anyway ) and I get bored of trying to make it work properly and lose interest very quickly. I guess it proves ( at least to me ) that website functionality is very important.