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  1. Unless vomit drastically changes in another two decades they won’t be renting my wheels to go on the rank on a nighttime
  2. I wouldn’t want £3232 in that Picasso now
  3. To be fair to her even if this is the beginning of the end for her she’s had a bloody good run - there aren’t that many who enjoy the popularity of the public for so long. Mind you, I will add that she’s inadvertently contributed to plenty of animosity both sides of the border towards the other.
  4. I see the shine is starting to wear off the saintly Nicola. She’s not as straight as she like to claim.
  5. Interesting. I’d love to be proved wrong but not a single week passes without messers mailing making out they’re the real deal but never managing to actually do anything other than sending gormless questions or making statements about their seriousness (don’t make me fucking laugh). As texting is becoming so common place from schools, various NHS services & many businesses I guess one day soon texts/emails will become the norm on most car deals but from where I’m at on my well-used gems I can tell a genuine enquirer because they soon pick up the phone. Dithering, playing email ping pong, isn’t the way with real buyers, although I dare say the younger generation expect to deal that way judging by some of correspondence on Facebook - being told I’m open Mon to Sat so phone for an appointment often gets a further email asking can we come Sunday because it’s convenient for us. WTF?? The thought of actually picking up the phone doesn’t occur to these brain dead fuckers. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
  6. It’s already started as a little bit of spring weather came over us last weekend. Just like the Crocuses & Daffodils, the bored, the deluded & the penniless all reared their heads in the sunshine wanting little trips out “To have a look at a few cars”. All were refused as I couldn’t detect a genuine enquiry out of any of them but one old bitch even came to my door almost demanding to be shown a car! Apparently she had heard of the Coronavirus and had also heard of the Lockdown but reckons she was unaware what they meant, and anyway, she told me she’d visited four pitches already & had tested cars (bullshit). As I sent her packing she then asked about finance. Fuck me, not only was the old cow ignoring the lockdown, she seemed intent to visit every seller with a Focus in stock but didn’t even have the money to buy one. There are plenty of bored people out there at the moment. They’ve got sick of traipsing around the supermarkets, B&Q & have now had a couple of nice days at the beach licking ice creams - it’s now more important than ever before to enforce whatever rules/buyer qualification you employ.
  7. It’s those who email asking you to phone them that I don’t understand. As they’ve got time to email why don’t they just pick up the phone.
  8. Dear me, it might be easier for the risk averse to just shut up shop.
  9. .....especially as the satisfaction of the contract (the full payment) is AFTER the purchasers’ inspection/test etc. It’s no different to times before Covid in that respect. Not me, but I believe some used to refund the deposit & then take full payment to remove any uncertainty over a distance sale - personally I can see no reason why this cannot be implemented today should you so wish. It’s my opinion that there is a lot of self promotion in the legal expertise field by way of scaremongering & promoting confusion.
  10. Jusdging by some of the contact I receive it’s the WHOLE Internet that’s the village full of idiots.
  11. What’s one of those? There was a 2.0 turbo Zafira (not a VXR) that from memory snook in at 227. SOME automatic SAAB convertibles (I assume you’d say 9-3s are ordinary) sneak in at a few more grams over the threshold.
  12. .......the same 72 hours as on buses, trains & supermarket shelves but they don’t count. To be honest I struggle to believe it in a legal sense. A distance sale when it’s at the sellers premises and the buyer has fully inspected & tested goods to their satisfaction before concluding the purchase. I simply cannot understand how on Earth such a transaction is a distance sale. I suspect there’s an awful lot of scaremongering by those with an interest in muddying the waters.
  13. Is it just me but why is a deposited purchase from the premises a distance sale? If the buyer has been allowed an unencumbered test drive & inspection prior to sale & only completes the deal after finding the vehicle is to their satisfaction how/why is that a distance sale?
  14. It’s a pleasure isn’t it to politely but firmly turn down the “Can I come for a look sometime over the weekend whilst I’m out looking at a few others?” daydreamers. “COME TO BUY!!!” is the warcry! You can almost hear the arseholes letting go of those who aren’t serious as they start stuttering & stammering with their excuses to phone back later. Just wait until we are back to normal....... there’ll be thousands upon thousands of peeps just starting their car buying journey looking forward to entertaining the whole of the family test driving car after car. The sad part is is that, understandably, 90% of the industry will entertain these goons as they go around expecting the red carpet treatment.
  15. You’re a mind reader. I’m guessing DH’s customer never offered a defence because I’d imagine a private man turning up in court & stating he is ignorant about cars & he’d presented the car for an MOT in good faith would be enough to ‘get off’. A friend had similar but from the block months ago & he’s just got it back from his welder - two full inner & outer sills and a replacement subframe. Tbh utter scrap. I’ve seen holed subframes but them X-Types are horrific.
  16. I had it recently it on an old Jag X-Type. The car hadn’t had a single advisory in the last 9 years & still had 8 months ticket on it - the brake pipes were like twigs, suspension bushes in tatters, etc.
  17. Before my time (I think it will be to most people) so I searched his name & plenty came up. There is a YouTube video of his David Frost interview, I’ve not watched it (yet) but apparently he took a sedative beforehand so not to get wound-up by Frostie but the best is the audience included a few of his victims and upon cross examination he announced he wasn’t there to cross swords with the peasants . That sentence alone makes it worth a watch, a lesson to us all in dealing with customer complaints!!
  18. I’ve never understood this reason for this question. In the 21st Century why on Earth can’t someone arrange their own insurance immediately? Not often asked nowadays (it seemed to be one of the questions to ask a few years ago) but was usually asked by the “CAMBELT!?!!” or “LAST PRICE!?!!” punters.
  19. Surely the last time you needed insurance to tax a car must of been 4 or 5 years ago?
  20. It sounds like you/they are making hard work of it to me. Insure & tax as normal.
  21. you nailed it there. I often wonder who pays £8Kish for such total & utter dross.