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  1. As we have no idea of the age, spec, mileage AND price I would struggle to answer.
  2. You can be as annoyed as you like, I’m afraid the DVLA won’t give a toss.
  3. They’re running the knickers off everything.
  4. No, I’ve never used a smart repair man in my life, just a one man band but he does all sorts - plenty of decent stuff passes through his booth. My original painter retired last year, he was as cheap as chips but even Stevie Wonder could tell where he’d been.
  5. Half what you quoted, even less if I need a few panels done. However my stock certainly ain’t ex-lease - 6yrs is a ‘new’ car here - so standards may (ahem!) not be so high
  6. How much!?!! Are you taking your cars to the main dealer for paint? They must be good, nearly new cars to warrant such largesse .
  7. Definitely. This is obvious when the greedy bastards drop something on their keyboard whilst fiddling the figures & they book a 10yr old Audi A3 at £53400 .
  8. I’m sure this was on Dealer Auction a few times, or if not it was something very similar.
  9. I’ve never had a S/S issue that wasn’t a battery. Years ago any cheap battery would do on a car but nowadays even I go brand name only. As the old saying goes, ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’. I do save a few quid buying via eBay from Tayna etc. as Varta/Exide AGMs, or similar, seem to run at about £100 inc. VAT delivered which the local factors can’t get near to.
  10. Honestly mate I wouldn’t be sweating over this, it’s a none-issue. So what? On older cars these are exactly the punters you don’t want to be dealing with. Move on. You have better things to do with your time.
  11. How the fuck anyone repair cars properly at Copart money is beyond me.
  12. If YOU are selling via the course of your business then yes I agree. However if the advertisement makes it clear the goods are advertised on behalf of xxxxx and it is from xxxxx the buyer is purchasing the goods and (most importantly) there is no reference to your business on the receipt/invoice then there is no responsibility on you. I’m not referring to pisstakers with half of their stock being sold on behalf of friends/relatives, I’m referring to a genuine friend/relative sale of which there is no legal recourse to your business - or at least that’s my belief.
  13. I think every other person I’ve met in associated trades (mechanics, MOT testers, bodywork men etc.) who’ve had a go at selling soon declare they won’t sell another car & say something along the lines of “Fuck me, there’s something wrong with the public, they’re as fussy as fuck”
  14. I didn’t know that but I’m a proper dinosaur. Tbh I thought it was some sad gimp sat in their bedroom with nothing else better to do.
  15. Ask the warranty provider(s).
  16. It must of been the staff cos they aren’t open.
  17. I had an email the other day from Manheim trying to drum up interest. What I don’t understand is why on Earth you need to register to attend & only one person per account - Manheim must surely be one of the most awkward bastards to do business with & yet again more hurdles to jump. You can go just about anywhere in the country unfettered but with Manheim that’s not the case. What a fucking company. Not that I’ve used them much over the last few years but the sharp practices employed by their staff regarding misdescribed vehicles has driven me elsewhere. I’m afraid Manheim opening up for a few evening sales so I can look at the bangers won’t attract me back - I’d bet they’re not allowing full access to the cars, no doubt disguised as anti-COVID measures, as they’ll do absolutely anything to castrate the efforts of trade bidders to sort the wheat from the chaff.