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  1. I agree the smaller auction houses are more flexible & easier to deal with and as such deserve to take trade away from the inflexible big names. I’ve never shopped at BCA but how do you get them to cover main dealer costs? I’m currently dealing with Manheim’s Surecheck scheme & the greedy bastards want videos of everything “Starting with the registration plate blah blah blah” and have financial caps on everything and are prepared to argue over the price of misappraised unroadworthy tyres. One thing’s for sure, Surecheck’s £50 +VAT diagnostics fee limit wouldn’t get much graft done at a main dealer.
  2. Online only still. I wish I bought from BCA! Online has been a Godsend as far as I’m concerned. Shit cars with obvious faults bounced back at the auction houses for misrepresentation OR good money credited back. I’ve never had it so good. I think it’s a shame auction houses all seem to be reopening. An opportunity missed to revolutionise the trade into an efficient Japanese-style auction system with cast-iron (supposedly) appraisals . The majority of auctions can’t wait to let us back in through the doors to put the onus back onto us buyers. Believe me, the likes of Manheim want to take their £3-500 a bonnet with absolutely f.a. responsibilities.
  3. What has 800 legs, 3 teeth & stinks of piss? The queue outside Primark on sale day.
  4. Today I suspect the punters were more interested in doing selfies in beer gardens or queueing up outside Primark. What on Earth is that all about? How fucking sad do you have to be to queue up for a £3 T-shirt?
  5. I did have a visit from the police as a car had been in my name. As soon as I said the purchaser declared themselves as trade they were satisfied with that. I don’t know if you’re aware but when the vehicle is in trade the police can’t see who the trade keeper is! Believe it or not, the DVLA records that are accessible by the police only show that the vehicle is ‘in trade’ but NOT who with. Hence in the event of an incident the police always go to the latest keeper on the log book & go from there.
  6. The same now, there’s no way of recording trade movements with the DVLA after initially being put into trade. Record keeping is key here. If it’s a trader unknown to you I strongly suggest you also get a copy of photographic ID or photo their truck/trade plates etc. Over the years I’ve only had a few of these trade deals that turned slightly sour when 6 months later the police drop-in unannounced or a speeding fine dropped through the letterbox. However police investigations etc. are NOT my concern, making money on cars is so as long as I’ve got some basic form of I.D. that’s good enough for me and, more importantly, good enough for the authorities. There’s too much worrying here about who you sell too. If someone says they’re trade then they’re trade, however flimsy (or non existent!) their proof.
  7. I’ve sold to plenty of taxi drivers over the years & never had any comeback. Not a single phone call. My guess is rather like van buyers, they just want a decent motor but understand once they’ve bought it they own it. I’d be surprised a taxi buyer expected comeback unless times have changed.
  8. At a guess I’d thought so, taxiing is for hire & reward so I struggle to see how it cannot be. Hidden in the small print; If this vehicle is sold to, or used in the course of a business, then the Consumer Rights Act 2015 does not apply and as such are excluded from this purchase contract.
  9. I heard a tale last week when enquiring about a staff member at an auction house. A couple of months ago a manager bought a couple of items on eBay & thought the seller’s name rang a bell. It turns out it was one of the yard lads who’d made a second career, for years, flogging off stolen items. Funnily enough this particular staff member was one of the first casualties of the Coronavirus cutbacks. Note to auction staff; when selling stolen goods use a false name
  10. You have a point for those in the nearly-new market, however there are more than enough punters who, thankfully, want absolutely f.a. to do with remote buying of secondhand cars. Tbh I don’t blame them - I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, recommend it & even those who are happy with the concept need to see the merchandise assuming they aren’t buying the same car as they already have. Covid19 may have accelerated digital buying techniques by years but I think it’ll be a cold day in hell before we see remote buying of secondhand vehicles overtaking traditional methods.
  11. I can testify that it's not just FIAT that release these special editions
  12. A couple of hundred quid job. As for 12 months down the line, will you really still be backing up wear & tear parts on an old Zafira?
  13. or the fuckers who once cloned my card - however their spending amounted to a few quid from an online American clothes shop and a £50 card for Costa coffee.
  14. ‘I am absolutely in disbelief and I feel violated. Yeah, rightio son, of course you do.
  15. Break them off & replace with normal bolts. Horrible bloody things & who nicks alloy wheels anyway? Wasn’t that a crime from the 1980’s?
  16. I was talking about this only yesterday, I think many of us have now got used to online buying & I’m in no hurry to return. With us all currently banned from attending auctions, the auction houses seem to have got their acts together & are doing a reasonable job on the appraisals. The few slip ups that have occurred have generally been sorted to my satisfaction. HOWEVER, once they reopen I assume we’ll be back to hiding behind the excuse of “you had the option to inspect the car, so fuck off”, meaning many of us will be ‘forced’ to attend physical auctions for fear of getting a lemon shoved where the sun doesn’t shine.
  17. That was the form with kitchen suppliers the last time I bought one & is still the form with fitted furniture suppliers - and they say WE are the shysters! It’s just as well I was sat down when I was presented with their optimistic quote, I was so shocked I actually blurred out “You're fucking joking?” . I felt the rough tickle of wool being pulled across my eyes as they spouted the line as they left “You’ll need to order this week to secure that price in case the price increases because the factory alters prices weekly as they get busier”. Yeah, rightio!
  18. What on Earth are you advertising to attract such imbeciles?
  19. I would imagine a fair percentage of the population don’t relish the idea of that, including me, & the whole dealership experience is FAR from pleasurable for many. Some must like it but plenty hate it from what I’m told by punters. Pre-lockdown I had the ‘pleasure’ of shopping for fitted furniture. Fuck me, I experienced various persuasion techniques & manipulation attempting to soften me up for what was some of the most ridiculous prices imaginable. If I’m honest it reminded me of the bad old days of sales patter when I used to buy new cars, or double glazing.
  20. You need to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff fast in this job, part of which is simply not getting into a game of email ping pong entertaining the cretins. Tbh I don’t take deposits but I qualify hard over the phone before I agree to an appointment. Some don’t appreciate it (usually tyrekickers & those who expect the red carpet treatment) but those that visit usually buy. Funnily enough the few I don’t deal are usually the ones I was unsure about in the first place but decided to take a gamble. However admittedly what works for one doesn’t work for another.
  21. Unless vomit drastically changes in another two decades they won’t be renting my wheels to go on the rank on a nighttime
  22. I wouldn’t want £3232 in that Picasso now