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  1. Control the market? It just looks like a field full of unwanted Vauxhalls to my eye.
  2. Perhaps it’s your stock profile. If yours is quality ‘aspirational’ type German stock then doesn’t that sort of thing attract the dreamers & beggars like moths to a lamp?
  3. FB is free but is £25pm + VAT
  4. I’m not a FB user as such, I just opened an account so that I could place adverts. upload onto FB from my website, but if I were to start again I think I’d be tempted to just do the adverts myself. I do well out of FB, I only advertise on there & ebaymotorspro. At the moment I make more sales from FB than eBay. Just about all of my pricier stock (up to 7K) sells courtesy of FB - ebay is almost dead, although I should add I've only got a handful of cars because I can’t get caught up - as I advertise they sell quickly at the moment.
  5. I wouldn’t know but not that long ago we had someone on this forum informing us his stocking loan cost something paltry like a few quid a car. I suspected I could smell b/s at the time.
  6. The thing is, half of them are so arrogant - they think they can demand the Earth via email, and expect to get it. They’ll talk a big job all day long, and those that phone are usually full of shit making out they are ready to buy. Tbh it’s the same with a bit of flash for not much cash - pitiful punters. However, like most cars, the buyer will be normal, perhaps email a couple of times but will always soon PICK UP THE PHONE TO ARRANGE A VIEWING. I should add that on just about every older semi-classic car I’ve had I always get at least one classic ‘specialist’ on the phone - they are even more full of shit than the punters.
  7. .....and anyone who isn’t can jog on. I wouldn’t want a CC man on a car. I reckon anyone wanting to pay for a motor on a CC is already living beyond their means & probably can’t afford to run their car. The good ole general public, you couldn’t make it up. I see that Barclaycard’s current TV advertising campaign with Nick Frost specifically mentions Clause 75 & a sentence along the lines of getting money back if you’re unhappy with a purchase (or some such patter which will result in premature ejaculation for the sort of person who shouldn’t be allowed to buy by CC).
  8. In the last couple of years two older estates (a Merc W124 3.0 & a BMW 3-Series, 318 if memory serves) spring to mind - nowt special, 20-25yrs old, in well used condition but low mileage, nice enough & rare enough, for a few grand. I don’t think I’ve ever been pestered by so so many bored/boring, total & utter timewasting middle-aged men with absolutely no intention of buying although in their own deluded minds they are big buyers - a small avalanche of pathetic emails asking the most fussy questions imaginable. On the Merc I ended up amending the advert to “Phone calls only, ALL emails ignored” and received emails asking how I expected to deal with their enquiries. In the end a biker bloke bought the BMW as a ‘posh van’ to get free entry to the tip & the Merc went to a woman as a daily driver.
  9. Always add your cars to your MID despite what many on here preach. There’s no reason not to, even if the offence was 15 months ago...
  10. I’m hoping not to use it much longer - only until the valeter reopens. I’ve had a sharp reminder just how much value for money the valeter offers. What a miserable f***ing job, imagine doing it day in, day out. They deserve a medal.
  11. THIS + your photos look ok to me (although I sell some shite so don’t pay too much attention to me). Videos are DEFINITELY a bonus, nowt fancy just a 2-3 minute walkaround with a mobile phone, no point boring punters to death. Whether or not you like videos they seem to instill confidence & get buyers to travel further and/or dig a little deeper.
  12. How on Earth are shit 80’s & 90’s Fiestas/Escorts/Novas etc. worth what they sell for? They were fucking shite even when new - ideal examples of how a front drive car should NOT handle. I don’t imagine 30ish years will have improved their pisspoor handling & inability to transmit modest horsepower to the road.
  13. Snap I’ve dusted off my old Titan that I see Screwfix are still selling, now £44.99. It’s a no frills wet or dry pick-up machine - no water feed (so you need a bucket & brush) or fancy transparent nozzles but if it’s just a temporary stopgap machine you want they are unbreakable & suck very well . I bought it 5 years ago for builders muck when doing up a house & can’t break the bloody thing!
  14. I’m lucky to get a turnaround of a fortnight
  15. I’ve recently had 5 4x4 pick-ups (L200s, Rodeos), all about £6Kish retail so not new. Absolutely loads of interest, plenty of peasantry thinking I needed to take bids but all sold full-up to people who understand the market (i.e. pay up or get sweet f.a.).
  16. There bloody well is, although reading the comments above I guess you now know that.
  17. You’d think they have f.a. else to do. I wonder why they don’t catch up with a few rogue traders on Facebook who repeatedly sell cars masquerading as private sellers. It wouldn’t be hard, would it? Surely just a phone call to arrange a meet with any cap-wearing likely lad who can’t string together a cohesive sentence & who has a history of regularly selling a few cars. Surely this can’t be beyond the wit of a local government employee? I can suggest a few search words/phrases that may help identify such characters; gud, carnt, bran new tyers, m8, new breaks, and my favourite - cupple cwid (yes, really!)
  18. Even if you answered yes these idiots wouldn’t buy anyway. Cheeky greedy messers usually. There’s a big difference wanting to buy a car when it’s not available to buy - as soon as it’s available I’ve found these characters haven’t got a pot to piss in.
  19. A swift kick to the knackers & telling them to ‘Fuck right off’ should suffice.
  20. 1975!?!! Your tale is as old as Trade Vet’s stories (almost).
  21. I reckon most months I have to tell some punter exactly that. Whenever I ask them why they are phoning me instead of the seller of the cheap one I’ve never yet had a satisfactory answer.
  22. Surely that’s not the first time you’ve had such an offer. The last one I had said “There’s no point me asking for finance“ (I don’t do finance anyway), ....”because I’m blacklisted”! Imagine waiting for the balance payment