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  1. Let’s put it this way, if I were a part timer running very close to the VAT threshold I’d damn well make sure I didn’t go over it.
  2. The only trouble is is that no-one will buy a car that way nowadays.
  3. Three weeks MOT but it’ll pass easily but I’m too busy with work. The ABS light is on but my mechanic says it just needs resetting. It’s been on since I bought the car and it’s never bothered me. Engine light on but just needs a run out. It’s been on since I bought the car and it’s never bothered me.
  4. I imagine the type of buyers they attract would often get more than 6 in them.
  5. I cannot think of any motoring question where the ideal answer would be FRV. I got the impression the question was referring to quality rides, I’m afraid FRVs are pure “Last price” immigrant motoring at its best. I think I’d rather take the bus.
  6. Sod running one of Land Rovers 10yr old products. I’m definitely in the ‘forget the German tat’ camp, at 10yrs old they’ll of had a few uncaring owners who couldn’t afford to change the oil, never mind any other maintenance. Utter scum wagons & not exactly durable - keep a few grand spare in case of a catastrophic failure. Rav4s can be rotboxes (admittedly age/location dependant, and personally I think they’re a miserable car to drive), Vitaras rust for fun, CRVs (we’ve had loads but this will be our last one) are a reasonable shout BUT the later the worse as the days of bulletproof Honda engineering is a distant memory. Someone mentioned S-Maxes/Galaxies, I rate them, but if it’s a 4x4-style vehicle that’s required I’d say XC60/XC90.
  7. You’d have to answer ‘Yes’ a hundred times to these email bidders before one actually tried to complete the deal.
  8. I suspect the 25th of December is higher in many (although not all thankfully) people’s priorities than cars.
  9. To generalise I tend to find using the correct item that a particular part was originally designed for works just fine. All these chav upgrades, just the same as the sort of punter who has his windscreen strewn with front & rear cameras, a satnav & any other shit he could buy from Halfords/eBay/Amazon, getting run through a 6 port cigarette lighter multiplug. All this is usually attached to the dashboard of an utter heap of shit with under inflated tyres, filthy windows & driven by a moron who the last time he looked in his mirrors saw a Cortina there.
  10. Yep, anyone who doesn’t realise prices will be high for the immediate future must be as green as grass. Some may see the current restricted availability of stock & the associated higher pricing as a plus.
  11. Only 10 years? In my experience some punters buying a 10 yr old car expect trouble free motoring for another 10! Questions such as “It will pass next year’s MOT, won’t it?” always warm the cockles of my heart.
  12. “That f***ing c*** I’m sick of the sight of” does perfectly well here
  13. By bouncing them back if obvious faults have not been declared. No appraisal does NOT give carte blanche to sell blatantly fucked & battered vehicles, far from it! I’d much rather buy vehicles online now whilst we are banned from viewing vehicles, rather than buying online & choosing not to view. From what I’ve heard most auction houses (dunno about BCA) soon realised & accepted they will get cars rejected & are accepting them back.
  14. No but I guess you’re referring to Flash not being supported by Adobe after this year? My computer is an IMac & that seems to have sacked off Flash already (although it could be my incompetence) so to listen to the auctions I have to get the daughter’s Windows laptop. Overall I guess the world will just move onto the next video player.
  15. If that’s true cheaper than a secondhand unit.......unless purchased from one of the bad lads
  16. They do - they’re known for it up here!
  17. I’ve no idea but if you give a car hours & hours worth you can see the windows are hazy & feel it on all of the plastics. Tbh ‘film’ is probably the wrong word, but if I’ve treated a car to 3, 4, 5 hours or more it’s as though the surfaces are slightly grubby. It’s nothing bad (I wouldn’t hesitate to use it on any car or interior) just grubby to the touch so the interior will need a quick once over afterwords so there’s no point getting it valeted beforehand if it’s going to need hours & hours of ozone treatment. I sell the occasional pick-up & a few older 4x4s and the ozone generator neutralises all of the dirty/scruffy smells that come free of charge with these vehicles. One thing’s for sure, a valet won’t remove the stench from a 40 a day smoker & I’ve tried a couple of smoke bombs in the past but in my experience smoke bombs are only good on lighter smells - they only mask a smell whereas a really good dose of ozone seems to neutralise/eliminate it.
  18. OZONE MACHINE. Forget the 2 hour suggested maximum dose which does for most cars, if it’s an absolute stinking pig give it 4 - 6 hours then clean/valet it as normal. There’s no point doing it after a valet because a long dose leaves an unpleasant thin film over EVERYTHING.
  19. The other side of the coin is do you blame them? I don’t & certainly wouldn’t trust many in this trade selling cars - those that aren’t barefaced liars usually couldn’t appraise a car accurately . I see the trouble as being the government’s pisspoor direction - even the police say they don’t have a clue. I know, because I sold a car to a copper yesterday
  20. My experience with women leads me to believe she’ll be wanting something bigger Loads of absolutely mental idiots emailing looking for; mega discounts / free delivery / assurances of no rust on 12yr old 4x4s / shit trade ins / alleged “trade deal mate” / cambelt? / service history details/ a life / a chat with a strange man / anal sex (possibly). I don’t know what on Earth has happened these last few days. I’ve got a handful of cars but every loon, chancer, desperado, liar, bullshitter, big talker & gimp (probably wearing a rubber mask) has taken to the Internet. The last time I got so many non-enquiries was last Christmas Day when a £600 p/x BMW hit the Internet & every decent, respectful & hardworking Romanian in the country bombarded my email & FB account. Truly delightful