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  1. Why on earth the newspapers print such tripe about a greedy punter who doesn’t understand basic mathematics is beyond me. But then again, why on earth someone would be happy to have their stupidity & ignorance plastered over the newspapers is also beyond me! It’ll come to the day very soon that discussions at the sales desks will be recorded.
  2. A piss takers & lazy bastards charter. I also feel that about 95% of big companies are using it as a cover to offer inferior services.
  3. I’d be more surprised if the robbing bar stewards didn’t do this. All these millennials who have faith in the power of the internet are kidding themselves - it’s just made it easier for the auction houses to abuse us. Surely everyone has noticed how all big businesses are more than happy to hide behind the Coronavirus to offer a reduced, and generally, pisspoor service. You’re correct - are they fuck. They’d love nothing more than current practices to become the norm.
  4. As a purveyor of £1-6K cars I see allsorts via FB (I do not do any of the social media shite - no friends, no comments, not even a single photo, I just use it for free advertising uploaded from CD5). I’ve found the dreamers on FB are no worse than any other advertising site & as with any arsehole email you are not obliged to answer. As is the norm what soon happens is customers call, messers email. THERE ARE PLENTY OF NORMAL PUNTERS ON THERE WHO ARE PREPARED TO PAY THE ADVERTISED PRICE. I’ve found there really is no particular pattern, I sell a few at both my lower & upper ends courtesy of FB. If you get any mega mileage p/x German shite you’ll be inundated with Eastern European tossers, but I choose to just ignore many of them. I hate social media but anyone who says they can’t sell a car via one of the biggest sites in the world is clearly doing something wrong. Exactly, I know a few lads who ‘specialise’ in such deathtraps & they move plenty of metal for peanut wages - uncleaned, uninspected, Coronavirus MOT extensions etc. My take on this is because FB is full of this sort of shite anything even halfway decent with an advertisement written by someone who can string together a sentence stands out a mile.
  5. I’ve only heard from them when they’re pestering me for business. They’re wasting their time at the moment - selling’s not the problem so it’s not advertising I need, it’s more cars at the right money.
  6. If BCA are anything like Manheim they’ll tell the purchaser that the purchaser is responsible for the car (and insurance) once the hammer has dropped.....and all with a straight face!
  7. Evos - I’ve never even sat in one! I’m afraid my buying profile doesn’t include pseudo rally vehicles. Scabby old 4x4s, abused estates & a few knackered old Zafiras are more my bag (unfortunately!)
  8. I was thinking exactly the same when I read your comment. Horrid things, and by the time they get to 10yrs old (when I’ve occasionally had the misfortune of experiencing them) they’re usually absolutely knackered & ALWAYS have issues - they’re on my ‘Don’t buy list’. I think the last half-decent car they made was the Galant but no fucker wanted them.
  9. Does the customer have any mechanical understanding? If I were a betting man I’d bet by “cutting out” what your customer is referring to is the TC cutting the power and NOT what we’d all think of as cutting out. Ask him if he is having to restart the engine with the key/button & my guess is the answer will be ‘no’.
  10. What a bellend. Since when has rubber been a good conductor of electricity?
  11. Nowt to do with Covid19, that's always been the case. I don't know but I assume i's so if they need to do any maintenance they can do it whenever they like at their leisure.
  12. Yep, even on an oldie I struggle to get away with a fine arc on the back window. On the windscreen they just make the car look a complete mess.
  13. I must confess I’ve not seen one in years.
  14. BHM


    Will a rubber gimp mask with the zip closed be acceptable attire in shops & on public transport soon?
  15. That’s not DSR is it? Surely if THEY are having it collected, as opposed to you delivering, then DSRs don’t apply. Their appointed collector is responsible for inspecting & accepting the car on their behalf - at least that’s what I write in an email to anyone thinking of arranging third party collections.
  16. Too true! There’s no dealing with a numbskull like that.
  17. I could be talking out of my arse but I reckon if you’ve got a self employed work mentality & ethic you’re in with half a chance (the other half’s the cars) but anyone with a PAYE mentality is fucked from the off buying/selling cars.
  18. The days of turning away a punter without a p/x & instead preferring to wait for a nice swapper aren’t a luxury many can afford nowadays.
  19. How times change. It wasn’t that long ago cash meant pound notes, no receipt, f*** off & don’t come back. Nowadays a cash man means a bank transfer, receipt & then chance his arm for as much comeback as he likes. On a serious note, Mr VW wants an hour’s UNACCOMPANIED ramp time, plug-in his pal’s obd reader, brought another pal’s trade plates for his test drive, he’s laying the law down “Ok” , then if he’s satisfied he’ll then make a reduced offer. Who the fuck is going to entertain this cretin? I cannot think of a single person who would do so.
  20. That’ll be the chap who had a website & took an interest in the CRA before he’d even bought one car First & foremost this job’s about cars, not fucking about with website graphics when you’ve got a handful of cars.