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  1. Morning. Customer unable to get insurance for the 14-day cooling off period as he wouldn't be the registered keeper, and obvs I don't want to register him as keeper until the end of that period. He also can't tax it without insurance of course, Anyone know what customers are doing about this, are they just doing the test drive when you deliver, then leaving it parked uninsured on their drive/garage for two weeks? I'd assumed the insurers would have adapted for this new scenario, but apparently some haven't. What's been your experience? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you to all - you are right, I am embarrassed, and definitely sorting it sharpish!
  3. My Covea insurance policy contains this clause: We will not pay for: 1. any vehicle: (i) in or on the Business Premises; or (ii) on a road at or within 400 metres of the Business Premises, unless in the course of a journey. Mine have been locked inside my unit up until now, but I need to move them outside in public view to release space. Is this clause normal? Surely all those stocks of cars inside and outside car dealers are insured?! It makes the policy pretty useless - only covers test drives, collecting and delivering the vehicle, and taking to MoT stations etc. Given then spend 99% of their time on the business premises, the policy seems virtually worthless.