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  1. The blokes taking the piss, I feel like I’m this situation you have no choice to be blunt with people, if they don’t buy it someone else will
  2. If I’m honest £2-5k is a lot of money to myself included. arseholes are everywhere as long as they part their money and move on I’ll be happy
  3. By cheap cars I mean the 2-5k market
  4. this is the exact market I was planning on starting in first due to limited funds, only time will tell I guess
  5. It’s the motor trade it’s not even a shade of green
  6. Any idea where you read that? I’f it’s motor trade based I might be interested in having a read of their latest posts. most of my stock I think will be up to 9 years old and preferably around the 3-5k mark so most SUV’s are out of the question. However an average of 22 days means (potentially) fresh new stock every month. just a game of trial and error and building enough cash to try different markets. Either way it’s all fun!
  7. I’ll be continuing my career as a mechanic until sales take over also helps having half day Fridays, Also have a recovery truck to take care of collecting from the auction houses etc
  8. Thanks for the kind reply’s I guess it’s a game of trial and error, as I’m just part time I’ll just try autotrader and Facebook for now. the plan is to sell the boring general cars ie ford, Renault vw Audi for no more than 5k, I’ve already got warrantywise setup to take care of that aspect of things. I down a Land Rover so there’s no chance of me selling my spanner’s just yet.
  9. Hi guys, I’m moving away from the mechanic side of the trade and starting up as a part time trader. on average how long does it take you to sell your stock? Do you get more leads from online enquiries or from your physical site? Thanks