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    The car CAPs clean at £2600 & thought an offer of £1200 would be competitive. Fuck me, I had to read it twice cos I thought I’d misunderstood something.
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    Sorry for all this. And thanks to those that bought it to my attention. Any spam posts can be flagged and we'll instantly ban them. We'll also look into how they got in the first place! I'm on it.
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    These figures are pretty shocking and made even worse but the continual impressive results being released from the established dealer groups - yes the same ones that where being written off due to the market changing potential of this disruptor!! With the chances of recession appearing to be increasing daily and the dire results, it’s no surprise the Chief financial officer is exiting stage left/been given the boot. With such a decline is share price since listing they are going to find it really hard and expensive to borrow any more money; so no wonder they have started a European business review. Their cash burn has been out of this world and needs to be cut quickly. The problem is trying to cut costs/staff/sites quickly is normally very expensive!! I’m sure they will also start spending big trying to manipulate their share price to put off getting delisted, so expect paid for research, lots of positive spin announcements from the board and pumping going on. Can only see that putting of the inevitable for so long before they have to turn the lights off. A good friend with an Italian wife pointed out that Cazzo in Italian is not the sort of name you would give any company!! Worth googling “cazzo collins dictionary” for a laugh!
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    Young couple came in yesterday driving a 2017 Yeti. Told me they had had an amazing offer on the car, had to take it and were now looking for something else. They bought it in June last year for £10500 and WBAC have offered them £15300, therefore near enough a £5000 profit in a year. I check CAP and its £14150 clean. He said he was dubious so went to his local site where they only knocked off £100. On the flip side, I did buy two privates last week at £700 and £400 under the offers the owners had received from WBAC and Cazoo. Owners expected to be messed around once on site so would rather support local business. I still feel I paid too much, but at least that's two cars those assholes didn't get their hands on.
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    CD MOTORS Staffordshire 07502280932 I found them on ebay search "duologic repair" when I had a problem with the only duologic I ever bought!! Was £550 all in from memory lasy yet . He used to work at the main dealers and he speciliases in repairing these boxes.
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    Dodged a double bullet there my friend . Porsche buyers are horrible people , self entitled idiots thinking they are something they aren't is my description . I've sold a few Porsches in my time and they nearly always attract the swarms of fools . He was trying to make his own set of rules , overruling you and your selling methods , soon as they try that with me , they get corrected or I stop the sale . Always another bum for the seat , less trouble and less hassle for you . He would have had checked again , sending you bills for future proofing the car . warranty claims would run into 4 figures too as that's what Porker Buyer do , Best deal you made was not dealing with that fool
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    Surely it can’t get much worse Tbh from what I can tell, despite the prices, half of the lots are half-fucked anyway. I don’t think I’ve dipped my hand into my pocket for repairs as much as I have in the last 4 months. The only saving grace is least we can now add it on at the other end.
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    You can't take the car back under false pretences and then simply 'reverse the deal'. Name on the V5 is irrelevant. If your customer has bought and paid for the car then it belongs to them (and presumably there is a paper trail to prove it). If I've understood your post correctly then what you're proposing is basically theft and can land you in deep trouble. You would not stand a cat in hell's chance at SCC. The mis-description is down to you. You are supposed to be the 'professional' and should check your listings carefully. If you make a mistake you have to take it on the chin. The broken door handle is down to them. A seven year old 500 auto is a grenade with the pin out. Those robotised manual boxes are a nightmare. Many didn't even work properly from the factory. I wouldn't want it back and I'd be keeping my fingers crossed for 6 months. My advice is try to negotiate some sort of deal with the customer. Say £250 compensation for no CC and send them a handle to be fitted at their expense.
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    Why tell them they are from Auction or that you are a dealer?? If you breakdown hide your trade plates, tax car at side of road on green slip tell them you have just bought yourself a new car and its broke down on way home. £90 a year well spent
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    cheap cars only sell to cheap people who want them cheaper have quality cars at affordable prices
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    Put the prices up and appeal to a different customer base, cheap people want cheap prices, nice people want nice cars.
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    Totally agree, it’s a bit like playing the stock market at the min. Over the last couple of years a mixture of lack of used stock on the market, joe public in a lot of cases having more spendable income due to no holidays or socialising etc and companies like BCA artificially inflating cap prices have all kept the prices high. There comes a point where this will come to an end. The worlds opened back up, new vehicles are getting back up to speed and now a lot of people have been pushed closer to the breadline because of rising fuel costs etc. You only need to watch BCA over the last couple of weeks. I’ve snatched a few way under cap and even the stuff that they still seam to be trying to get high prices for just keeps getting re-listed over and over again.
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    I wanted a van bringing down from glassgee yesterday and my truck went up empty too, I Never thought of asking if anything wanted taking up so good call asking this
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    Diagnosis was wood worm
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    Might have had a tank of diesel that's worth £500
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    Last Wednesday. V low mileage N reg (yes N reg) wait for it ....................Kia Sportage! Last MOT looked pretty tragic to me.....£1425 on the hammer so there’ll be another £300+ of fees before they even look at it. They must know something I don’t
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    everything at auction is a risk.............................it is so easy to talk your self out of buying anything really, you just have to click mouse buttons and take the plunge
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    Never, ever be scared of a bad review when a punter is in the wrong. Just respond and tell the truth in a cool and composed manner. A 1 star review with a good response from you will be looked at positively by anyone who reads it.
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    I'm the opposite when selling stuff like that, I've had customers say to me are you trying to put us off lol. But rather be honest. If you are paying say £10k for an old RR, you really need the pockets of someone that can afford to run and repair an £80k car.
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    If you offer what you are going give them they don't turn up , simple . People are inherently greedy , so high offer gets them on site then appraise the car in question and offer whats its worth , All used cars are different and I've only ever seen two cars in decades that were what I'd call looked after . Owners know their car is a pile of shite and they tell lies to sell it , They just need to be told face to face . High offer gets the face to face meeting . They wont block you , Just use an email thats made up
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    992 Turbo S best car I have ever driven.
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    A far wealthier guy than myself once told me, if you are going to sell to family or friends make sure you earn well to cover the future stress.
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    Great post! This is yet another instance when the forum truly pays off, dealers helping other dealers.
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    Hi thanks for your help i have spoken to him looks like he knows the problem and i have booked the car with him many thanks
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    Agreed, it kills a car stone dead. I know which cars will look brown underneath so 2 or 3 tins of Schutz before I visit the tester does the trick. I also check the MOT histories of every car I’m interested in bidding on & if I see “corrosion” I immediately forget the car - once it’s on an MOT it’s a brave tester who then won’t pass comment on a subsequent MOT.
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    Long term you’re better off with a harder tester & because you’ve already identified the car’s latest test is somewhat suspect I’d be getting it tested properly (after a coat of Schutz). Shite testers passing shite cars is a recipe for comebacks & possible disasters. Personally I’d rather draw a blank on a car with a proper MOT than make a few quid selling a death trap that ends up snuffing someone out - however plenty of banger sellers will disagree!
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    A tale - I was at the mechanic’s recently when he introduced me to a punter looking for a new car for his 18yr old son. In my experience these punters never have realistic expectations & never have any brass despite having 18yrs to save up. Anyway I start with a rant about small car buyers to which my mechanic started laughing. Anyway it turns out that the budget is ALLEGEDLY £2000. I pointed out that’s shite old car money & then asked him what he fancied. Apparently he fancied a VW UP for £2000!!!! I told him a £2K UP would of been dropped out of an aeroplane so he’d better take a reality pill. It turns out he may accept a “Nice low mileage new shape Fiesta” so with such expectations, after laughing I made my excuses & left. Three weeks later this £2000 man has made a purchase.....a £600 welded-up Picanto from my mechanic .
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    How the f*** anyone fresh to the game could get started nowadays is beyond me. They are absolutely having it off but as long as all the big players stick together I can’t see an improvement anytime soon. As for one of Manheim’s supposed open sales I visited one - no keys, not allowed in the cars & the drivers had been instructed to not open windows & talk to the filthy scum (formerly known as paying customers). These shysters hide behind COVID but it’s f.a. to do with COVID, it’s all about managing us. Of course, it can’t be proven & they’d swear blind otherwise but as an old farmer once told me ‘Never trust an auctioneer’.
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    I am a platinum card holder for the last 15 years and used to buy approx 150 cars a year from BCA up until this year - I have only bought14 in total and none for the last 3 months - I don't intend buying any more scrap through them. Anything OK goes to Cinch and all us lot are fighting each bidding ridiculous amounts to try and buy stock,. All the Cinch rejects go straight back in the block. I used to get cars described well but not this year - every one of them had major faults (DMF flywheels / turbos / transfer boxes....) . You just cannot deal with them - they reject any claims. Buying without being able to see them in the flesh is far too dangerous when these unscrupulous people have such a ruthless attitude.
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    No petrol or diesel in my local garages Need to collect a car and waggon hopefully has sufficient go go to get there and back I see the usual deplorables were in the queue s waiting to brim their ex builder mega mile t5 pieces of junk with the chrome mirrors and still wearing shorts Mummies with glasses on their heads and very very busy who dropped off chloe at pre school and also needs to dump her crapski in the middle of the pumps as she desperately needs a plastic coffee latte from the garage drinks machine even though her own kettle is 200 yards away I've had a customer cancel an appointment because they haven't the fuel to come and view Might as well go home This job could turn one to drink
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    This. The days of goodwill are (mostly) long gone. In my experience, at my end of the market most returning customers (and I do get a few) return on the basis of price. How many of these ‘goodwill’ men show any goodwill upfront? There are certain buyers for certain cars and as for a Meriva peasant not wanting to take responsibility for their own property, well is that really a surprise? The greedy fuckers only ever put a spanner on their cars when the MOT tester condemns it.
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    I do exactly the same, The pictures are your shop window, its the only thing your customers have to see what it is you have, I say it is worth the 20-30 min to presnt your car in its very best way possible I have to upload them from the phone, Then crop them and re size them as you do, It just the way it is
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    Mind you, perhaps I should add my stock is far from being in the first flush of youth or indeed performance orientated. I think a couple are so old they don’t even have engine management lamps
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    Whats next the fruit pickers, cleaners doctors nurses teachers, Brexit went well then.
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    I think this scenario sums it up. Phoned a private seller with a Fiat 500, nice late model with 6k miles. He was asking £8150. It was a bit over book but we need stock. Car is still available he says, but may not be for much longer. He had tried WBAC who bid him £8k, then dropped to £7800. However, since he had paid to advertise it on AT, they had upped their offer from £7800 to £8500. So the reality was that I couldn't buy the car that was for sale at £8150 in AT, even for the advertised price, let alone have a discussion on price. Every time I see that tosser Schofield or that goofy berk Rylan on the tv adverts I'd happily throw the remote through the screen.
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    It’s got to crash at some point, there’s going to come a time when joe public are simply going to find it cheaper to keep their current car running than pay these stupidly inflated prices of recent times. As already said it’s only due to supply and demand at the min, no other reason. As soon as new car production it back up to speed and new sales are back up used stock will be fed back onto the market and the prices will come down. This is why I’m being very careful with what I buy at the min. It’s feels very much like dealing with stocks and shares.
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    We don't buy from BCA walked away around ten years ago when they introduced online handlers trying to deal us on undisclosed damages, increased fees and webuyanycar. So far we have survived and indeed prospered. Venture capital vampires only wish to dominate the market and suck the life out of independents and indeed the motor trade in general. Apparently BCA have bought an airfield to fill with cars for Cinch, control the market is there mission me thinks. Stop buying from them would be a start however, the motor trades biggest failing is that we don't stick together and when stock is so short how many would have the balls to walk away from BCA?
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58335060 The headline is, that new car production is down 37.6%. Perhaps now is the time for the market correction that has been building up for ages, the fact is there is (was) overproduction of cars basically flooding the market, getting people into them with big discounts and (IMHO) stupidly high amounts of finance/borrowing. With the way the world and the environment is going, less wastage and consumerism is a long term good thing. Of course it would be a big shake up for UK with so much car manufacturing based here but then there's worker shortages in many other UK industry sectors.
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    I suppose there's a time limit to cancel , leaving them to organise the lift and then have it cancelled night before would be annoying as we all know . As you say there would be a fuel charge they didn't use so maybe half payment to cover staff might have been the way forward . Legally it will have the T&C's contract somewhere that says what cancellation at short notice would be . Regarding the other quote that has nothing to do with it really .
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    I think we should have tams opinion
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    It had a vehicle inspection and the engineer found it had been nailed together
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    One man band & I’ve only got a handful advertised but enquiries are through the roof, shed loads of arseholes & the bottom dollar brigade are out in force, sales are hard to come because prices are fixed. The private man is getting left behind on price but he doesn’t realise the next wave of cars we are buying today & advertising over the next few weeks after prep will be even higher.
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    All the very best for the new year to everyone from me,onwards and upwards and thank you umesh
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    Casper Santa is real for sure all you have to do is believe. Jingle bells coming your way, not too many sleeps until lockdown.
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    Before you risk buying a car from BCA go to: www.trustpilot.com/review/www.british-car-auctions.com Copy and paste it into your browser, If this was a review for a hotel, I would rather sleep in a bus shelter. 25 years of having an account, I have bought my last car from them, which has faults, again, inspector been out today and confirmed our diagnosis, wonder how long this will take to unravel. What a shit show they have turned into..
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    I changed mot stations when tester started listing slight corrosion to all underside because its a killed sale Strangely my mot tester now will only write this on a test if I bought him something like a micra from the northeast or a hyundai or say a kia because once they reach 6 years old from a life in Sunderland they are indeed really nasty underneath
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    Online I see what I’d consider to be scrap (or at least I’d offer £150-200 scrap money as a p/x) making £500 on the hammer. What the fuck they do with it once the AH fees are added & the MOT tester has cast his eye over it I’ll never know. Half-decent £3-5K cars (trade money) all seem to be about £1000 (give or take) into book at the moment. I’ve never prayed for shitty old trade-ins as much as I have recently
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    No legal requirement for any warranty to be given but the consumer has rights on any car bought from a dealer. Understanding the CRA2015 is one of the many things we need to know in this job. It protects the customer but also us sellers so get your head round it. In my opinion selling cheap px cars through your business is just a headache. The article below gives a good summary and should answer your questions. https://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/rejecting-a-car/
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    A little short of his $8B valuation: https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/cazoo-raises-1bn-as-it-starts-trading-on-the-new-york-stock-exchange-after-merger-is-completed/232198 Still a massive valuation of a company that offers nothing it's competitors don't?