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  1. You can’t put diesel in a petrol by mistake as the diesel gun nozzle at the pump won’t fit as is bigger than a petrol gun nozzle so you can rule out mis fuelling. Chances is the fault was the same fault as before you sold the car and just reoccurred maybe possible ECU fault. Customer is entitled to refund as is within 30 days. Best never to sell to customer who knows there’s a fault before purchase as if engine light comes on they will always try and say same fault as before I bought it and is a ticking time bomb for 6 months
  2. Totally agree with you halfpenny that’s how I would go about dealing with it as per my previous post
  3. Does he want to hand it back? If he is happy to keep it Would it not be better to negotiate a reasonable discount say £250 (prob cost of having it fitted) and offer to give him the cost of the handle part or supply him a door handle if he pays the labour locally to get it fitted as doesn’t want to bring it back to you to fit it
  4. Cazoo business plan was to loose £70m in first 3 years of trading, latest results show £102m loss in 1st 6 months of 2021. Majority of dealer groups showed good rise in profits for last years trading with some up over 40%. Is this Good news for traditional car dealers? Anyone think this will give new players like cinch a wake up call?