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  1. With the private stuff you need to be really fast these days but we are lucky enough to have a few people that offer us stuff etc and come direct.
  2. We were a serious auction buyer but now only about 20% of our stock is from auction due to prices. We are getting a lot more stuff privately and from other contacts which although more time consuming means there is usually decent profit in the metal.
  3. Pm nacman on here that’s where they are based
  4. I know but surely time factor? I’d rather sell the car within 4 weeks and pay an extra £40 than wait 11.
  5. Fiestas are being stolen as my 2 year old could steal one with a bit of training, security is shocking and eco boost engines are worth upwards of a grand
  6. Why do you need one? Just use the tax guy and v62 at point of sale
  7. So he went from photographing tits to having tits as customers in the car sales business look foward to having a listen!
  8. Usually we’re quiet when everyone else is busy but we are powering through sales at the moment, can’t keep up with prep, think I’m down to 27 online when it should be closer to 40
  9. Have a few hour run in the lorry tomorrow will hopefully listen in then
  10. Yes there are no business to business selling regulations from what I am aware
  11. At least it will get nicked before it breaks down though I think genuinely the only good vans are vw’s but I still bought a Fiat Ducato for myself because it’s cheaper and not that bad bar a few annoying electrical gremlins
  12. The earlier traffics and vivaros from 53-06 used a Renault Laguna 1.9 engine were actually ok but from 06-13 they used a 2.0 which was bad for injector and timing chain issues. the newer 15/16 plates don’t seem that bad tbh, certainly no worse than a transit
  13. If they have twice viewed it then it isn’t distance selling is it? I’d tell them to bolt
  14. If anyone wants a laugh at Christmas try watching this Probably one of the funniest Scottish comedy’s. Hopefully the English get the humour in it.
  15. Not dead dead here but just ticking over, nothing spectacular
  16. Ok I’m going to go against the grain here, I always buy this type of stuff, personally I wouldn’t buy a pre facelift Range Rover sport though as they are very dated looking now in my opinion. If you do buy a Range Rover make sure it is the 3.6 TDV8 as it’s a brilliant engine, not had many issues other than boost pipes cracking etc. They can be expensive to maintain but I love the driving position and comfort so I don’t mind it. If you do manage to stretch to a facelift try get a Bali blue one, it’s a rare colour and brilliant for resale point of view X5’s are also good, I would avoid higher mileage x35 d’s though as have had bottom end trouble with a few. Common for rear airbag issues but only £40 per airbag to replace. I would only buy an M sport model aswell and the 7 seaters seem to be the best sellers for resale For all out reliability it has to be a Mercedes ML or Volvo XC90, Volvos are best on fuel but a bit underpowered and old manish. if you get a late 2011 Mercedes ML grand edition they look fairly fresh, have the nice piped leather inside and aside from eating abs sensors for fun I would say they are the most reliable of the bunch.
  17. It’s rather mileagey and it’s a prefacelift which IMO are slightly dated. Centre caps look badly corroded and number plates look tired. £10 on eBay for a new set of centre caps, £15 for a new set of reg plates and then rephotograph on a sunny day though understandably that is hard to come by. That said don’t take my advice, I’ve been stuck with a silver e class coupe for about 2 months aswell!
  18. As above have the small truck coming back from Cornwall empty tomorrow if anyone needs anything transported further up the country.
  19. We had a similar issue recently for another trader but everyone told us to avoid attempting to replace the hg, it did end up going to Ford and getting sorted, I don’t think it was under warranty though
  20. Yes you can do it on the deck I don’t doubt that, but it makes the job ten times harder, unless your jack is really really high it would be hard to get the space to get a lever in to check play in rear axle bushes, front suspension arms. You struggle to get the angle on your arms to check for play in droplinks etc.
  21. I don’t think you should be doing pdi’s at all unless your a competent mechanic. An mot is a minimum standard which we as motor trade should not be selling cars at. We should be selling cars at least part of the way between mot standard and service standard.