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  1. Just remeber on these Samuel,one of few cars left with manualy adjusting clutch cable,at the gearbox end,is usually a star shaped adjuster ring towards the bracket on the gearbox,turn it anticlockwise to get the pedal at the correct position,we get loads of these where the clutch is far too high because not everybody knows taht you can adjust them,that term is used by BCA for any clutch/gear selection issue,regards,Peter
  2. THanks for the reply Halfpenny,thats the situation we seem to be in,strugling to find any one to code/repair other than new,anybody else with any thoughts,TIA.
  3. Thanks for the reply Dave,not sure what ICOM is??,and do you mean should be able to repair or recode/install the used one,thanks,Peter,have had a word with our local BMW dealer workshop manager who does bits after hours at his home(dont tell anyone!!)He said he would not be able to do the used one as he links to BMW??
  4. Hello guys,got the above car with various lighting and wipers/indicators faults,looks like the footwell or lighting module as some people call it,got a used unit(same part no.)not sure now if it can be programed/coded or get the original one repaired??plenty of info about older units,called frm3,but this is a tematic frm III(not frm3).Any ideas people,TIA.
  5. Hi Phil,can you send me details as well as your location,would be interested if you want to trade,thyanks,
  6. Humbug here,not religous,kids all grown up,just gets in the way of work!!
  7. Hi David,how have you done whilst closed for the Month?we stock about 50 low mileage bread and butter cars,and sold 10 during Nov. on click and collect etc.we were a bit disapointed with those figures but asking/looking round simmilar dealers,this seems to be an average.In april we bought a large fibreglass covered car trailer and a lovely old shogun to tow it safely,thinking we could be quite busy with on line/deliveries,but we haven't used it as much as we thought,has been handy to collect cars bought from auction tho.!!
  8. Hi MOJO we've done 2 of these blocked pressure sensor pipes now,no parts involved,so if you can fiddle a bit yourself its a freebee! As Bmx said its abit of a pain to see but we found it easier to remove the front wipers and wiper scuttle etc,then take off air filetr and pipes,throttle body and egr valve,then you should see the small diameter metal pipe,we used a piece of bowden cable in a drill and just worked in and out to clear the carboned up blockage.(you do have to remove the pipe to do this bit)regards,Peter
  9. Contact Andy Gough at Moorgate Motorsport Finance,good friend of ours and do road and motorsport cars,Andy is on Holiday at the moment but will answer e-mails.
  10. Had one of these last week,blind wont work,so roof wont work,ends up that the gear on the motor for the blind had broken in half,commom problem,got one of e-bay(£10.00) fitted and hey presto,all works.Just drop the interior light assembly down and you can see the motor there,regards,Peter
  11. Thanks for that info,now installed
  12. Asking a few questions,seems any colour other than white is sometimes a bonus as there are so many white ones around???? Not been body carriers BTW, electrical contracters.