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  1. I've had enough of dealing with the FCA. Went through so many hoops trying to get the license, which then took them nearly a year to process due to Covid. Now get fined for not completing processes that don't exist on their terrible portal. Call them for help, fail security. Go around and around in circles. Ask to cancel - this takes 6 months! They are even worse than the DVLA to deal with. Frustrates me so much I'm throwing in the towel and not doing finance in house any more. I've looked at The Compliance Guys, but their fees are too high as we do so little finance anyway. So I'm going back to just passing finance leads to brokers. Are there any out there can work with that will pay a referral commission?
  2. Try https://www.warrantyadmin.co.uk// Warranty docs for each vehicle, plus roadside cover - £10 each.
  3. Santander are giving free banking for 12 or 18 months on their business accounts. And they do offer overdrafts. http://www.santander.co.uk/uk/business/current-accounts