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  1. Looks like a disc brake pad, not seen front drums since my old Beetle
  2. FFS there's some complete and utter cobblers being spouted here. Also, on what is basically an open forum, calling purchasers by such a derogatory name really isn't good press. Time has come to enter the 1fhffk56 password. Gentleman, I'm out.
  3. I know BHM, as a fellow old sweat, it's getting beyond a joke out there, indian territory. Bought one this week, not a gem either by any stretch bit, a few quid I wouldn't of had. I've been selling since 1979, bikes and cars. I know and understand that as car dealers we are pre-programmed to moan and whinge, too many cars not enough customers/too few cars too many customers, I will say that I've never seen a market like this... Main agents, selling 12 year old crap thereby depleting stock on every level, margins a part time Gumtree pirate would turn their nose up at and, ever more needy and eye rolling customers. This is one time I question not doing finance, never have and too late now. The only guys, I know, who are honestly doing ok, are nearly 100% strap. I'm having month off, I've a garage project to get out the ground.....if I can get the blocks, the bricks, the concrete, the roof trusses etc Just to keep things even it's not just us, a builder mate of mine is having a bit of a rough month again.....pointless quoting for jobs as materials keep increasing, customers not prepared to buy materials upfront (builders/car dealers all out to rip everyone off) , a few now seriously rethinking projects due to ever increasing costs/employment worries, had two jobs cancelled coming up to Christmas.....rang and offered to do my garage to keep his guys busy between starts........ after pissing me about for 6 month though and after I've gone elsewhere, builders ehh Onwards and upwards though.
  4. Surely they will crash....can't get any fuel for the buggers afterall And for the smart arses pointing to their EVs, majority of UK power stations are gas fired from memory
  5. I think you need to take some legal advice on your obligations as a motor trader
  6. Is the car still under warranty with MB, if yes then, well yes.
  7. Bidding off the walls? .......move along, nothing to see here.
  8. I don't believe you can sell a car with an outstanding recall.
  9. Not a lot of help if you been told two to three weeks and you are on the coast surfing and get that call
  10. I've 2 off CRV and 2 off Volvos here awaiting safety recalls......the Hondas are now three to four weeks, the Volvos are 10 weeks minimum......maybe looking at January. I always check before purchase then got a little lazy last week and, now this has now bit me in the back side due to supply delays. Just for info' guys.
  11. They have access to erm, hoq can we say, cheaper parts? Don't most stolen cars end up as parts mules or worse?
  12. I find my local auction has great sausage rolls, coffees nothing to write home about though.
  13. 'Rear axle pre-load' really does come under the heading of witchcraft.....even a lot of good gearbox guys avoid going there. JLR products are always under cooked, they were when I was doing nothing but, XJ40s and Rangie Classics. Great sellers, poor products.
  14. Broken wheel trims, dented wings, filthy interiors, broken keys held together with masking tape, missing badges and decals, missing ripped/holed floormats it's all first form stuff but, so regularly seen. Very odd to my mind, if they can't get the basics right, always makes me think are the brakes maxed out, rightly or wrongly
  15. I noticed that the local car supermarket is cutting the legs off of a lot of stock and, my dentman is quiet again. Odd times still and yet to come. We all know this game is peaks and troughs so, onwards and upwards, fight the good fight. Mate of mine who does the banger market under 2k is also slow, same with my van mate, his sales seemed to have fallen off of a cliff. ....I've given up working it out, some are flat out whilst, some are flat as f*uck, ffs it boils my brain.
  16. In the beauty therapy area that is?
  17. Up there with teachers and have dreadful 'no issue, drives lovely' part exs.....last one an Insignia owned by a husband and wife pair of coppers.... ..... with no windscreen wipers.....yes, they stole the wipers during the deal, I ask you, how f*ucking cheap can you get?
  18. That's the clearest explanation I've ever seen