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  1. Try measuring manually or a fit a new pressure sensor before condemning he bottom end.
  2. The thing is that when I started decades ago, AT wasn't so outrageously priced. That's not looking back with rose tinted glasses either. Now, we have a whole industry waiting, nay foaming st the mouth, to jump ship to another product that both works AND is reasonably priced, because its all about reasonable isn't it. ....seems such a simple ask for Google one wonders why its taken them so long? I wonder how Autoraper will react, head in the sand or cut the legs off their experience with AT will favour the former pose.
  3. Haven't taxing cars been made easier since C19, just a phone call from PO or did I dream that?
  4. Depends how it's done, no doubt there will be costs involved to punt up listings. You can already pay for sponsored listings on Autoraper though. I think it would be fair to say that AT would be loosing sleep over this move though.
  5. The Post Office have a bit of previous with guilty until proven innocent. Dreadful story with 24 carat arse covering, be interested to see what happens next on this one with regards to PO internal affairs.
  6. Can you imagine the typical customer though Probably make MX5 drivers look like stud muffins.
  7. I didn't know Primarni did a designer range
  8. The only two taxi sales I ever did....both went sour, I swore I'd never deal with a taxi driver again and haven't done....the best advice above is, avoid.
  9. Take a note of trade plates, too. No trade plates, not trade in my eyes.