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  1. I should try that one for TPS error on my CRV
  2. Or like the lady last week trying to tell me the EML being illuminated meant "everything was ok with the engine"....mine was off so apparently had a problem worthy of a £700 discount and "take a chance" .....FFS I thought I'd heard it all but, the Joe Public will never cease to amaze me
  3. But, the auction houses don't dictate available stock. It's driven by new and/or nearly new main agent sales and, they are as flat as a witches tit. Defleeting didn't drive prices down either.
  4. "can you guarantee, it won't break down in the next three years...?" I had a "can u say this car will nefer do less than 40 miles as I ave to comoot 350 miles ery week n kneed to no my xpensis" this week too....I don't what shocked me more, the question or the ladies spelling ka...boomm (no pun intended) they say around these parts "don't talk it up"
  5. I cant see anything to stop someone picking the phone up bar being silver which is kiss of death for me, shouldn't hurt a Merc though?
  6. Bung some Osram Night Breakers in there, welll worth the money. Forget anything LED, waste of money and even the 501s don't last. Also....if like myself you have poor night vision anyway (years of smoking) fit some yellow tinted bulbs in there, the colour contrast really helps at night.
  7. From my old Ford R&D moles...and yes, I had to question the figure but, was assured 100% correct. Supposedly cost to manufacturer a 1.0 litre, out of the door, is just a shade under £300....£278 from memory, that was a few years back....volume manufacturing is staggeringly economic.
  8. Was offered a px 1.0 Ecobroke 2015 with 100k up it this week, lovely nick, all the history but, bottled it. Drove fine, sounded fine but...... Problem, as I see it, is simply that the coolant sensor is located too high in the engine and, just ends up measuring air not coolant when the engine springs a leak....similar to Stag, Dolly Sprints n TR7 for the old farts amoungst us
  9. Being a door stepper and value of the car have nothing to do with prep' standards