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  1. Hi all Any advice appreciated. Picked up a Qashqai from a main dealer, unit stocking hasn't dropped off for me to move on as there is a small balance left on it despite agreement ending several months ago. Dealership have said they've done everything but RCI refuse to give clearance as there's a balance outstanding. Been back and forth with numerous calls for a fortnight, any thoughts or advice?
  2. Would you mind me giving you a call Monday? New to the trade having dipped my toe in the water for the last year or so but starting seriously and for two cars insured at any time, max value of £35k each at 27 years old comes out at about £3600 at the minute!
  3. Amazing. Thank you both so much. Accountant seems to be struggling with the volume I'm looking at trading with etc so the correct advice is invaluable.
  4. Hi all, After some help if possible. New to the trade and needing to be VAT registered. In the instance of purchasing cars, how would I register vehicles that have been bought within the trade from VAT registered dealers into the VAT margin scheme? I have been purchasing from main franchise dealers largely for resale, and on purchase invoice sometimes it deducts VAT and others it does not which would obviously separate those which will reclaim and will claim on margin scheme. Is it possible for those that reclaim VAT as shows a split in invoice to be registered under the margin scheme or would full VAT be payable? Any advice appreciated, thanks all