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  1. had same issue, called rep and they said that the car will be live on ebay, but just tells you its not when checking on your portal, not ideal
  2. What if you use a VPN, whatever that’s is, does it make things safe like wearing a condominium?
  3. Appears so. I too share the view of keep calm and carry on. Probably because I’m riding solo with no debt or real need to sell a load to stand still perhaps? those “stay at home cautious” individuals are usually the ones that moan at a creaking door latch and think they can excersize their right to Reject on day 30 because of it so I’m hardly going to miss out on their custom am i
  4. We’ve sold 10+ in last couple years, 3.4/3.6 with no IMS issues pre or post sale. Only big problem was getting a leggy 997 out of BCA with a big engine misfire, turned out to need just a couple engine sensors
  5. Same, thought it was a Qashqai+2, totally pointless
  6. Depends each month. autoraper bill £1000 per month sometimes sell 5 per month from it, £200 per sale sometimes sell more, sometimes less
  7. I’m not sure who’s worst, the seller or the buyer for buying a ‘patched up’ car in the first place
  8. +1 an essential check for me and many could be 3 things! is the engine noisy is the gearbox noisy is the clutch slipping. thats worth more than the F-ing £10er or whatever the (non)essential check costs
  9. I’m hoping you listed the dent on the Pdi if you did one. if you did a Pdi and the dents not listed, you can prove it wasn’t there at purchase. Winner
  10. Really? Thats quite extreme? We’re they on the brink anyway?
  11. He carried out an inspection pre purchase? I’d have that plastered all over the paperwork. It’s as good as sold as seen if so! i love it when they inspect them and then still buy.
  12. call them, they've a dedicated number for spec and history, i know, couldnt believe it either!
  13. This! they are incessant. I might see if AT can block their numbers