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  1. Wow. You have dodged a bullet on that car, particularly buing it from BCA. Lesson number 2; dont buy 4 cylinder petrol BMW's. You are lucky to not have problems with chain, injectors, valve seals or all of the above!
  2. I don’t think you’re being strict at all, certainly not on a performance car. I had a similar issue a couple years back. This Audi man arrived looking at an A1 black edition and desperately wanted to test drive it even though he had already offered me £1500 less (by text) than the asking price without even seeing the car. Naturally I told him he needs to pay deposit for a test drive or better still buy the car and if there is anything wrong with it in any way I will refund him on the spot. He kicked off in my showroom and left. He then went on a rant leaving me bad reviews all over the place. You need to be careful with test drives because it tends to really irritate some people particularly if they have travelled a distance. My advice going forward is to qualify them better over the phone. I like to make it clear that we are arranging an appointment for them to view the car with the intention of them buying it based on all the hd images and 8 minute video appraisal. If they hesitate or say something you don’t like then you can make the decision to appoint them or not.
  3. You’ve got 90 for sale and not sold anything in 2 weeks?
  4. I seem to be getting this more and more regularly. The email they have sent you is a generic email. The best way to correct it is to contact the mot centre that entered the incorrect mileage and get them to send you the invoice for the mot showing the correct mileage, then forward it to mot replacement. The mot centre only has a certain amount of time to correct the mileage, I think it’s 30 days after the test.
  5. What sort of qualifying are you doing over the phone? I’m assuming you ask the same questions like are you planning to drive the car away today? It doesn’t matter what I ask or say to them, they tickle my balls over the phone with all the right answers then when they arrive the tyre kicking starts.
  6. Haha yeah I thought the same. That’s gonna sound really good telling the customer ‘don’t worry, if it blows up and I don’t play ball then you can go to the finance company’. Err don’t think so
  7. I agree. Bca don’t help themselves by charging us to bid online, it should be the other way around!
  8. There’s also people getting nothing, let alone £800 per month.
  9. To be fair we don’t know how long this ‘episode’ will last. AT could extend the free period next month?
  10. This made me lol! Reminded me of you and your valeter the other day!
  11. Audi?? Good luck, you’ll need it
  12. That’s the last time you’ll ever hear that mans voice lol.