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  1. Hang on, First, your 10 year old Focus will have probably dropped to bits by then, agreed... Second, Umesh is selling his old cars for delivery after lockdown, why not mutter at him? *** note, I applaud Umesh selling online by video, showing some spirit in this adversity, everyone could be doing that?
  2. Merc is 19th June delivery, Trok is 20th August. Why am I showing contempt? I am selling cars, supporting the industry. Doing what i should be doing. How is that contempt? I'm supporting my suppliers and my customers. Don't need a crystal ball, ...just plain balls will do. And a "get on with it" attitude.
  3. While you lot are pissing about with vacuums, I am selling. Merc A-Class and a Trok today. BOOM.
  4. My 2-pennethworth (someone asked me this stuff privately, so I thought I would post it) is that everyone has cars. But there is only one *YOU*. So, you need to present online or FB or wherever. Do what other people don't do... buy yourself an edge. It's worth to spend a few quid on great photos from (say) a wedding photographer, build up a real album of them to use. I'd say photos are the thing most people screw up on. Explain you need photos that *pop*. Make sure they are full HD (or bigger). Splash £1000 for a full portfolio of great photos, In all shapes and sizes. I would really say, just be YOU. Try not to be deliberately funny, but give your opinions. Don't be shy. Consider the photos need to be well lit/bright primary colour clothing, doing stuff like sweeping the floor etc (not stood there like an idiot). Polishing cars, doing stuff. Jump starting. Use props. throw things, use action. Look at the camera. Use emotion, shout, get angry. All those make great photos. Don't be a grinning idiot in a suit. Give as much personal info as you can, be brave, then people will make up their minds whether they will trust you. Don't be anonymous. Don't pretend to be a big co if you aren't. Always say *I*, not *WE*. Always. Then, start to make movies, watch that interview with JB and Carwow yesterday, just make loads of short 15 sec to 1 min movies. Someone will like them. Make sure they are full HD, and GET THE SOUND GOOD. None of this costs much, but £500 on photos is a really good investment, no one else will do that. Use animated gifs... like these ones, here is me and Adrian. Make sure you POP online, don't have to be stupid, you just need to have more oooomph than the rest Keep it personal. The trick is, you need stuff people will pass to other people and say "worth looking at this". Easy. Ling
  5. Excellent, but my reaction would be you need to get a job, not just apply for them. Small difference. I know you hate me, sorry.
  6. I'm afraid that will come true for you. Best will in the world, you need to get a grip. I'd say that to anyone. At the very least, get a £15/hr fruit picking job, that is equivalent to the max furlough amount (£2500/mth). You'll soon build capital if you live frugally. No doubt someone will come along and be kinder/sympathise more, soon.
  7. I hate to be cruel, but that is not "productively". That stuff is 10 minutes of clicking. Busy-work. "Productively" is producing - Ie making money. Show me the facebook account.
  8. DCS01: Selling cars is perfectly fine. There are no "banned" occupations. It's just how you do it. There are lots of jobs out there, on another thread I showed fruit-picking. You're trying to find reasons NOT to do stuff... look at it the other way and get on with it. Everyone here is good online... I mean you're all communicating effectively on this forum, eh? The miserable ones are often the most prolific. What I'm astonished at is that so few of you are prepared to use your real name, or say who you are. Why on earth not? Why does (most) everyone think hiding their identity is a GOOD thing? Do you wear bags over your heads in real-life?
  9. Well, with all the factories having closed for a month, and the parts suppliers too, and all the pipeline delays, surely the new cars can only get scarcer this year? So prices may harden. I mean look at Golfs. a big seller. This happens just on change over Golf 7-8. I've still got G Mk7 orders in... unsure where the cars are? Surely the builds will be cancelled? Surely, there will only be 8's being built now? It's all up in the air. And Golf is usually No1 UK seller.
  10. Yeah well most VEDs went up on 1st April too, that bloody 1st reg fee... so we've all had a price hike, maybe that VED rise pushed used cars up in Cap?