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  1. Scrap it forget it and move on is my advice.
  2. Everybody and theire dog think they can take on AT but if anyone can Google can
  3. Same here new Kuga on lease for the wife and any old px for me to commute in.
  4. That's how it has to be
  5. Red and white coppers delight!
  6. Tax it using new owner part but pay by direct debit, then when you sell it you can cancel the direct debit and just register it to the customer.
  7. In Tier 3 they can offer viewings and test drives but not in Tier 4.
  8. I'm down on numbers from 2019 but up on profit so happy days.
  9. Yes Martin just using DMS as I do have an existing website.
  10. I am currently just using it, only started using it this last week so to early to offer any constructive comments just yet but it seems ok so far, may be able to comment more after a few weeks.
  11. Last one of these I that had was rattling I topped the oil up that was very low and low and behold all sorted, hope she is that lucky.
  12. Yes all went well Rory thanks, to be fair it's not Unusal for us to sell cars to customers who don't ask for a test drive, also we do the odd distance sale even in normal times.
  13. Back on track, did one yesterday on click and deliver and done one today on click on collect :-)
  14. Just shows David, you can't please all of the people all of the time.
  15. So tonight the government have decided that West Yorkshire is going into Tier 3, does that mean that car dealers in West Yorkshire will have to close?
  16. I'm afraid it sounds like the chain to me Mark but I think you know that :-(
  17. I'm having lots of problems at my end James, not sure if you will even get this message! Test!
  18. You don't have to take any notice of AT if you don't want to, it's your car and your money.
  19. Only if, wouldn't it Be great if we could have cars sat on shelves just Like Tv's then just pick the phone up and order more replacement stock.
  20. Just gad a short listen, one thing stood out to me when Ian said cars were "easy to buy and easy to sell", how different to today that is.
  21. What do you about free Tom, i'm also with AA website/advertising but i thought if you used there warranty's you had to put one on every car!