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    Funnily enough on a test drive today a customer asked me how long I'd been in the game. To cut to the chase it was because, as he put it, "everyone's having a go at it, you see various cars outside the same houses". "Too true" I answered, "However how many are getting them mechanically right & safe with a GENUINE new MOT?" He must of agreed as he bought. Although the shitty Peugeot 307 he'd bought 3 months ago & then the Focus 1.6 diesel (!!!!!) he replaced it with 2 months ago that has subsequently eaten 2 turbos helped me somewhat! I love them Gumtree/roadside traders, once a punter's had a taste of their cars they usually stump up the readies.
  2. Some unscrupulous traders would fling a Mickey Mouse one in the glovebox. It'd be the new owners problem come tyre change time.
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    Not worth a toss, it needs to be cheap to sell to the cheap-flash/not-much-cash brigade. Even diesel estates are only worth Vectra money. As always, you make your profit when you buy it. If it's March 2006 onwards & a petrol automatic check the road tax - I know some of the 9-5s are in the £500 bracket = only disabled tax entitlement punter will be interested.
  4. You. If you didn't make more than a few hundred quid on a £9K car you've worked for too small a margin/given the Civic's original owner too much. As for your small profit, as a previous contributor commented, that is irrelevant, as it would be even if you sold it at a loss. Many years ago as a fresh faced trader I was called in by the local TS for a chat. As they put it to me "Just because you buy a cheap loaf of bread on its sell by date from Tesco for 20 pence you, as a consumer, don't expect it to poison you. It has to be fit for purpose, i.e. safe to eat. The fact the bread is being sold at a loss is irrelevant".
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    Nice in theory however debate will inevitably lead to differences of opinion - how those differences are expressed may be the issue. Unfortunately the world isn't all soft & fluffy and full of niceness.
  6. Haha, I don't open Sundays & my phone is off!! Life is much easier now. As for the Sunday email arseholes I deal with them robustly (this is an offer on a £1500 car);
  7. If you believe the car was right at point of sale you should stand your ground. Admittedly everything's not black & white and any trader knows cars can sometimes bring up faults so if a punter phones up two days later to say his car is suddenly running like a bag of shite, then fair enough. However these chancers phoning after a few months should be firmly brushed off. The CRA can state what it likes & as for people threatening you with the court service, TS, etc. I always tell them to go ahead. Call their bluff, 99 times out of a 100 that's all it is, bluff. On a sideways note I seem to get a couple per year who phone up 11-12 months down the line threatening court etc. because their car has failed the MOT on trivia like drop links or brake pads etc. and then quote some ridiculous figure they'll settle for (£1100 for Forester discs & pads - I suspect I could get a Jumbo Jet freshly shod for that money). My response is "Crack on, and its VOSA you need to speak to, goodbye" Unfortunately 50% of the general public are as thick as pig shit & are horrible, lying, greedy bastards. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I genuinely believe this.
  8. The trouble is cheap stock is no longer cheap after the auction house has added on their bit & as for some of the scrap offered on Dealer Auction lately this jobs getting hard. Is everyone finding that just about every car has a couple of hundred quid that needs shovelling into it to get it right?
  9. I often wonder what happens if the bank says no to a remortgage - I guess that's when you make an appearance on "Can't pay, we'll take it away" On a rare sunny evening a fortnight ago I was sat in a pub beer garden. A young couple + baby arrived in a newish C-class Merc, big alloys, AMG bodykit (on a friggin c220 diesel), the stench of finance wafted across the car park. After their first drink they fancied a second drink. Listening to their conversation, it seemed they couldn't scrape together enough for another round & she thought her cards (I assume of the credit variety) were on stop. Off they trotted into their nice (to some eyes) prestige (ahem!) German car cos the poor thick sods could afford 2 rounds of drinks. I can understand people being on the bones of their arses (I remember 25 years ago breaking down wooden fencing one winter to keep the fire going cos I was skint - my apologies to Teesdale District Council) but being on the bones of your arse whilst running around in a German taxi waving around the latest smartphone beggars belief.
  10. It's because many act on impulse, basic arithmetic escapes a good percentage of the population and far too many are interested in appearances - making out they're financially better off than they are. Thats why there's plenty of mid & older folk who own nothing, their car's on tick, even the sofa they sit on they're paying off over 5 years. I'm not judging, however most of us are in whatever situation we're in because of the choices (good & bad) we've made throughout life.
  11. Tell 'em to go to Halfords & but a cheap pushbike.
  12. Sell as a 3. Too much liability especially if it's involved in a accident & the seat and or belt anchorage(s) fail.
  13. Dead. 2 gone on Saturday morning but since then just a handful of eBay idiots sending emails & a couple of tossers on the phone. A car trader (I Googled his mobile no.) giving me a load of B/S claiming he is retired & wanted a cheap car for charity work to take the elderly/sick to hospital etc. I was suspicious as soon as he said he'd send a transporter to collect. Is this normal behaviour from traders from Birmingham? Depressing.
  14. Haha, its interesting how conversations change. We started with X-Types which has now developed into a survey of the rat populations of the nations public houses To be honest I'm surprised rats don't find nicer establishments to patronise - they always seem to like shitholes.
  15. 2 or 3 jobs, possibly adding car dealing, thinking of buying to let houses. What next? Part-time Rodeo rider, some part-time work for MI5 or perhaps some part-time missionary work in the Far East. I bet those of us on here who are walking-the-walk (rather than talking-the-talk) were unaware we are stretching out a part-time job to full-time hours. Like I email back to them eBay emailers; "Good luck".
  16. They all want favours as long as they're benefiting financially. See how friendly your friends & family get if you tried to benefit yourself to the tune of a few hundred quid. Let them sort out their own finances, it's a social minefield.
  17. Or knackered old Merc's with private plates.
  18. if you need an "expert" valuation on every car you see I suggest you get yourself down to the Jobcentre.
  19. I wouldn't of given "CAP rough as f***" never mind "CAP clean" for an 11 year old petrol Jag. Obviously the low-mileage-specialist buyer must know some lottery winner they can rape.
  20. Hahaha, most of these keyboard warriors are just complete dickheads. Years ago someone told me a simple phrase that's VERY (note the capitals!) true & most people would do well to remember before they pressed the "enter" button; Do not put anything in an email or text that YOU WOULDN'T BE PREPARED TO SAY TO THE MAN'S FACE.
  21. Too right, better to take the hit now rather than plough on with it, find other problems, then find it sits like an unloved orphan for 6 months & every day you look at its ugly face thinking "why didn't I take the hit in the first place?"!! Been there, seen it, done it. Got the effing T-shirt.
  22. Oh, and don't forget that "lovely" Mondeo diesel engine.
  23. They must be getting bought by people who've never had to MOT one. 06 & 07 plates with holes in the sills so big you can get your fist in - as a former girlfriend used to say. To be honest I'd of thought 11-14 yr old Jags would be making a few hundred quid but I guess not by your opening post.
  24. True, but it only bothers you if you look for it online. I'm not at all interested in the opinions & rantings of the general public hence I'm not on Facebook, Twitter etc. They can write what they like about me & as there's a population of about 63 million in the UK my attitude is if a few are put off so what? Yours sincerely, Mr. Miserable Good point which I should of though of Therefore if the customer is trying to claim for something the car doesn't have perhaps they're yet another chancer extracting the urine.