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  1. Why don't you fancy selling it without V5? Its it not currently taxed online you can use V62 and register it and tax when you sell it down the post office. Use trade plates in mean time if you want to drive it.
  2. Correct the owner retired and went to travel the world I believe.
  3. I had this on a 2013 ML250 its going to Mercedes to have the ISM checked. (Shows low voltage) To reset it do the following Ignition on Press throttle fully for 10 seconds then key off (not out) and release throttle wait 2 minutes start it up and it should find drive and reverse (make take a couple of goes)
  4. Im trying to think how many have asked to see the V5? 2 in the last 10 years?! And that with them sat with me at my desk if you're that paranoid don't show them, but how many have you had?
  5. Tom

    BCA and V5s

    No but simply trade it yourself
  6. It wont be battery It will have a major starting problem if its red.
  7. Obviously working on gumtree and motor's shows its ebay themselves they also don't like the word covid in adverts. I've come off the platform now anyway its garbage.
  8. Ebay doesnt like money mentioned in text hence why it shows the html error, same goes for any advert not just cars. Only thing you can do is put 1,000 pounds or 1,000 gbp
  9. Yes non factory, you'll see it says radio controls behind steering wheel inop as they arent connected in the condition photos.
  10. No they all had touch screen
  11. Think they all did from launch
  12. Yes apart from 1 paid per month. Has been like that for a while