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  1. I have been battling auto traders belligerent team for weeks, telling them that sponsored adverts are killing my response from my dealer portal. there response was simple, it is your stock etc, even managed to sign me up to a higher level package, still no more phone calls, my cars that used to sit on page 1/2 are kicked to page 8/9. I finally bit the bullet and gave my notice for cancellation, will use my 4k a month from this saving and use alternative methods, I know that they are a premium site but this is going too far,they want me to pay extra 3k for sponsored adverts, I already pay them more then I pay my landlord. I hope that a few more traders join me and give notice for cancellation. Let them make a business decision, do they want big boys (car super markets and main dealers) only or bulk of there trade small to medium dealers