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  1. Just sold a car to an 18 year old lad, pretty much all done by phone with occasional text, so there is hope yet! Interestingly enough he had a better grasp of the lockdown rules and click and collect than some enquiries I have taken from some older customers that should know better!
  2. Also it might depend if they have a 90 day policy. There are some dealers out there that if it hasn’t sold in 90 days they block it regardless.
  3. As a ex Jag used car manager I would say the chances are it was put through the workshop and the amount of work to put it through as approved just wouldn’t have been profitable to get the work done. An independent might not have to get as much of it fixed and if they did would be a fraction of the cost.
  4. I have seen some comments like this on Cazam’s Facebook posts. I wonder how many people are bold enough to try it
  5. Not sure what the issue is, you just give the customer the green slip and tell them you have posted to the dvla it would take them 6 weeks to process the paperwork anyway so no one would know any different, then you transfer online after 14 days
  6. This was my quandary. I took 40k out of my house extension equity and have managed to pay back 6. We will need the money back later in the year, looking at the rates and some of the downsides I may as well try and take a loan for 25k and not get involved with unit stocking. At lease at the second the cars are mine and I am in control This is what makes me laugh about big companies/old boys network. I have been in the trade 20 years. I was a pretty decent salesman and a solid used car manager. If I tried to borrow 60k for my business and told them I expected to make an epic loss of 100k in the 1st two years I would get laughed at. Yet a bloke from love film that thinks he has re invented the wheel manages to get millions. I mean fair play to the guy but come on.
  7. I applied this week but because I have only been trading 8 months they couldn’t look at the application even with management accounts and VAT registration. I think they would need a decent bit of trading history so depends on how new is new.
  8. My observation. While I set the car business up I have been out working for Hermes, seeing as there as a massive increase in self owned delivery drivers I am presuming that, that is driving up some of the demand and with limited supply it’s a perfect storm
  9. 100%. I know more people that have got it this time around. And people that it has f*@cked them up with their health. Shopping centres/DIY centres etc at least there is some social distancing. You get people going into a car dealership and getting into the confined space of a car you are asking for trouble. Salesman are salesman for a reason, and if one could bend the rules for a sale and take that chance then they would.
  10. I was under that impression after reading through the guidance (edited, that you weren’t meant to open or view car unless sold and being collected). I spoke to a friend at BMW yesterday who told me if the customer has pre booked then they could open the car for them. I thought the idea was that with click and collect with pre payment it was to reduce the amount of non essential journeys ?
  11. Oh it’s been terrible. And I think it’s been on purpose to blame the public not this shower. What irked me was the comment from day one. It was pretty clear then.
  12. Hopefully Karma will Come back to haunt them. It’s because of to$$ers like them we are in this position. This country seems to be partly full of selfish brainless morons
  13. Cheers Umesh. Thanks for the advice. Have a good break everyone.
  14. Thanks David, by the looks I should have some joy with Ford. Luckily my customer is very chilled and a nice guy. I will get him to ring Ford.
  15. The HG is given a stupid amount of time to do the job so it will be cheaper for new engine.
  16. Morning, I was going to search the forum, but all of the icons seem to have gone a bit odd on my phone. I sold a 62 plate 1.0 focus done 60k a couple of months ago. Full Ford history only done about 6 months ago. Yesterday he gets towed in to me, need to investigate but looks like no coolant and engine over heated. Did a bit of investigation last night and looks like Ford may pay if the engine failure was caused by a known coolant pipe issue. Has anyone had experience of this? The Ford website doesn’t mention about age, it just says they will cover it. Just wondering before I go to the trouble of getting it trailered to Ford. Otherwise it’s probably a new engine which I would like to avoid obvs. thanks in advance
  17. Not even civilian. Down as the company name. I have no idea how. I had the v5 and gave her the yellow slip for peace of mind. Luckily I have sold it to one of my dads customers who wasn’t about the owner but it’s a b@ll ache to get the fine back. Im pretty sure she wasn’t hiding anything. 20ish young woman. I checked her ID. I paid her finance after getting the settlement of Fiat when she was there. All very odd
  18. I wish I had the same problems. I brought one off a customer and held off the transfer to trade until my finance payment cleared to her....somehow without the V5 she managed to put me down as the owner and the log book was in my name within 10 days. DVLA have then fined me for the car not being taxed despite a letter to them explaining.
  19. I had one today that despite me explaining I’m shut and he went through the click and collect option, came and saw the car and picked it apart like he was looking at a nearly new car. Had a pop at me because I said I should have got it cleaned for him, despite me explaining that the valeters are shut and I was meeting him specially and not going to the garage because of non essential journeys. Really put my back up. Some people are acting like life is going on like normal.
  20. I have mentioned here before have a go with Metle. I tried co op and a couple of others and mettle came straight back to me. Only ball ache is I can’t get the card on to apply pay but other than that all good.
  21. I was kind of in the same boat when I started in June. I tried co op and it took a week to even acknowledge the application! In the end I opened up a mettle account with NatWest. Pretty pleased with it so far
  22. Put it this way Guy Salmon stopped doing it about 7 years ago because it was just too much agg. On the odd occasion when I have had someone personally that was half sensible I have written out some terms and conditions which confirmed the amount that would be returned to them in the basis of the sale price (listen costs such as VAT/workshop/warranty) then it is crystal clear to both parties.
  23. Morning, Have just been listening to R2. They just had a guy on from an independent dealer in Scotland. Had a punter looking at a 50k Porsche. Customer asked for an invoice and bank details. Money was paid into his account. Turned out they had applied for a bounce back loan in his own name from companies house details. Came through from Bank of Scotland. Just wanted to give a heads up
  24. Just refund her money. If you are still in control of the log book and She only has the green slip then happy days