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  1. Managed one out of 4 so far with my fledgling venture. And on the car I was least confident on. Guy came down without calling. Lucky the old man showed him the car. (Although he did let him go after the 1st viewing and didn’t take a phone number)..shows I need to be there full time I think.
  2. Honesty the best policy. I do believe in Karma. The good will come back round!
  3. I have found some brilliant information so far. Everyone seems genuine and happy to impart helpful advice.
  4. Ta. On the strength of the replies I have just registered a domain name and brought another car on dealer auction
  5. Thank you, I suppose I have been asking myself the same question. I think I have always been a bit scared to make the jump. I have always been successful where i have been (not blowing my own trumpet) and 50/60k as a sales exec has always seemed a big amount to walk away from, esp to the unknown. The past few years I have worked for someone with a very strong used operation and I have learned a great deal on trade pricing disposal/prep/pricing and feel I have the knowledge to put it to use. Plus I am only late 30s and I think 10 years ago I would have been too immature. Thanks for everyone’s input. I think it I am being swayed towards just going and doing it.
  6. Only talking from a main dealer standpoint I think it’s vital. A lot of people are changing the way they get in contact. A couple of years ago I started selling quite a few more cars when I changed my mental approach to enquiries that came through from chat and email.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that hitting the ground running wasnt going to happen. I would love to do it side by side but I feel that I am not going to make the best fist of it as I can’t concentrate on keeping on top of the display/cleaning etc. i suppose I could get involved, my Dad is 70 now but still wants to keep on, at the second I don’t think there is enough work for two of us (we do have 3 techs and a secretary). I suppose I could just go old school like when I was 15 and do tyre changes!
  8. Thanks. I will do As this is a big step my Mrs wants me to make a business plan before she green lights the decision, as it there will be some pain to take without a full income coming in for the short term. I think this is a bonus, I have no interest in cars what so ever. This means I don’t care if I go for boring run of the mill stuff, just as long as I can turn a profit! Ok when you put it like that haha. Only downside is it is in the sticks, there is some local business but I will be relying on a/t etc.
  9. Thanks. Thanks, can I ask in what way do I need to change focus? What would be the biggest differences? I am (main dealer) used to making adjustments every month and getting gone if it gets over 90 days. I have been taught not to get too attached to a car, even if it is nice cut your losses and buy something that you can make the money back on.
  10. Good Morning, Have been having a bit of a lurk for a while. I have now come to the point to say hello and ask for some feedback. Have been working in sales since 1998 when I left college, have done various bits from Volume to prestige cars and commercial and a disasterous stint at a broker. Have taken a promotion to a used car controller and have taken a big pay cut (is that only this trade this happens?) including having an OTE that is based on me achieveing 120% of monthly target?!? So, my dad has a garage that has been open 50 plus years, MOTs/Service/little bit of fuel. Has space for 10 cars (which he just lets customers stick on there) I think now is the time to make the jump. I have done bits on the side with varying degrees of success which I think may be chicken and egg as I am having to work outside 8.30 to 6 job so can’t give the full dedication it needs. if I am going to do it I want to do it properly. I would like to know do many of you use an approved AA or RAC scheme? I have worked for Audi/Land Rover and customers do seem to have a great deal of faith in this. Obvs this is main dealer territory and would the end of the market I am looking at 2 to 7k cars even care that much? Every car I am supplying has a yrs MOT and I often service before I see it out the door. I am often told by people I work with that I am mad not to do it. You may say I am mad to try lol. Especially with the omnishambles that is brexit on the horizon. Hope this wasn’t too long. Thanks in advance for any comments.