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  1. So this is the thing I don’t get. I am now technically unemployed as the job I was moving to cancelled the contract and my current employer being on of the big player plcs have refused to keep me on and furlough me. So my plan for a while has been to open up at my dads place. Seems like now is that time when this starts to settle. Now I am still in the mind set that morally and going by government guidance to be selling cars even remotely is not the right thing to do. However to just make sure we have enough money coming in (I am lucky the wife is still earning) I am currently applying for delivery driver jobs for the likes of Hermes/Uber/Iceland. I get that Iceland would be considered a key service but delivering something someone has brought on Amazon? It’s a fine line...
  2. I used to love that. Janet and John Stories were my favourite
  3. I will try and find a link but there was an EE engineer saying people were complaining that the masts were giving them headaches since they were erected, turns out they hadn’t been switched on lol
  4. Thank you. I did ask to withdraw, I’m not too proud. This all happened on Monday, I am waiting to hear back about the withdrawal from the HOB. At the end of the day maybe this would be the catalyst for change? Who knows unchartered choppy waters! All the best to all of the self employed of you out there!
  5. Long time no post but seeing as I have time on my hands lol. i have been told that the peak hitting the fan time is 14th of April. In Kent they are planning to turn the show ground into a makeshift hospital (no this is not from Dave from the 5 aside WhatsApp, I know people that work in local government) Stay safe people and let’s hope everyone gets out the other side. My decision to start trading may be forced as I handed my notice in as I had a buyers job the week before this went down and the new place cancelled the contract Doh
  6. They are in the name of the ltd company. Plus that is where the cars are displayed so if someone wants to drive one they can’t if the plates aren’t there
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    I went and saw the car yesterday, selling on behalf of his sister in law, asked a lot of questions. No indication he was trade. They are putting a fresh mot on the car. I told them I want to collect from the sister in law’s house or there with her id. She has had the car for 2 years according to equifax, still taxed and not set to trade. Better description than some da cars
  8. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It’s a real ball ache having to go to my old man’s and collect them every time I want to go and pick up a car.
  9. That utter cretin Jacob Rees Mogg says 50 years to see the benefit.
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    I have had my 1st go at buying stock through eBay this week. I paid the same 300 of cap clean I would have done on dealer action but at least this way I can go and drive and give the car a good check over before hand over my cash....and the description of the car is pretty In depth
  11. My old boss used to say he would sell a dug turd rolled in glitter if it made him money
  12. I always hate having the Christmas tree up so early in the showroom. I want the least amount people reminded it’s christmas lol
  13. I would be happy with those external photos for the front page. I personally think it looks more honest. Without repeating myself I would paint the walls white so it brightens it up.
  14. Agree with all above. I think they will look a lot better if the wall behind was brilliant White with the grey floor. Your cars look lovely and clean. As with another comment I would have some pics of your premises and the family /team rather than the generic pictures
  15. Thanks. Will take a look. I am hoping that someone at yell.com will have some ideas to put forward.
  16. Morning, I am still stepping up prep to get going. I have registered a domain name and have been looking for website providers. My old man is in the process of updating his website for the ltd garage (it was on the old unipart platform) he is using Yell.com to host it now. I am waiting for them to call me back to discus, but while I wait has anyone here got experiance of using them? I am wondering if there will be interface between that and autotrader/eBay etc?
  17. I’m in Kent and I have the same issue sometimes. The only thing I would say is I have then reduced the price and it hasn’t made much difference, someone might correct me but if someone in your area isn’t looking for that particular car then the views are always going to be lower. However I have had some show 70% less then suddenly someone is looking and they go to + figures. Also if they Ave views for that type of car are in single figures (say 5) and you have two it stands to reason that your percentage will be miles out yet the relative amount isn’t that drastic. Best of luck, I have found this place a great help
  18. Yes the one issue car I had with gearbox issue I was told 300 quid contribution or tough.
  19. 3 so far. Fiat 500 washes its face but I have a nice Zafira in chip that I should make the money back on. Honda Jazz to a customer of my Dads. Galaxy was an unmitigated disaster, never going to get a car without a ticket again. Bloke came down, I was already losing £100, turned out previous owner had turned the eml light off...lost another £200. Steep learning curve on that one.
  20. I used to know someone who did it who traded in the bexley area. He always made a tidy profit. I just don’t think it makes financial sense when you think how many cars you could turn over in that period.
  21. I was really surprised how nice it was to drive and cool it was inside. I see so many on the road I thought it would be a good prospect That is why I thought it would do well, brought for daddy’s princess.
  22. Brought a Fiat 500 and looked at it for two months. Not a single call. Stuck it on eBay and sold for a £100 loss but with a p/ex I could make it back on. Sods law I then get two enquiries today really keen on it. Both sounded gutted when I said it was sold, I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t like I just reduced it. Now I am in two minds to get another similar and see if it was just bad luck.
  23. Once found a load of weed under the passenger glove box of an Astravan. I don’t partake but gave it to a mate who did, he was well chuffed. Worst one I have come across was in an astra, customer has unfortunately died and his family sold the car on to us. This was mid summer and the car began to smell after a few weeks. We all joked it was because it was the dead man’s car. A week later we found some rotting steak under the passenger seat. Old boy must have gone to the butchers before he died and it had gone under the seat. One of the worst smells I have experienced!