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  1. Thank you for the response. That is really helpful. I am currently selling anything between 1500 to 4000k. We are in the sticks a little so have had a bit of luck with estates but mostly 1st time cars and little Jazz’s etc. I am slightly tied at the second as working full time so having to bid on cars through D/a that I can collect near me or at weekends. I do understand that the business plan will be out the window....however my wife is in business planning and improvement and to be fair to her it’s her money also and wants to see that I haven’t just gone on a whim.
  2. My plans are progressing. Tolerance levels for the dealer I am working for a running thin so I am making moves ready to jump. My Mrs wants me to come up with a business plan as it will be our money being invest and her possibly subsidising us in the short term. I have mapped out as much as I can although there will be a lot of variables. I have had a quick look through past posts but obviously times change! I would be grateful for a feel out there for Ave stock turn over figures. I would say I am possibly around 8/10 times although this is with such a small stock level I don’t want to rely on that. I understand this will vary from business to business and area of the country but would be grateful for some ideas so I can include it in the plan. thanks
  3. Now done two, took a punt from in a Galaxy out of MOT. Turns out that was a silly idea, needs discs and has a whole in the sill. Have eBayed it spares or repairs. Hope not to take a pill.
  4. I think it is well worth upgrading the package, just so you can monitor how your adverts are tracking compared to similar, plus the easy use of finding out a retail price on the spot.
  5. I just heard the 1st bloody Christmas advert on the TV. In my main dealer background it always bugs me when they put a Christmas tree in the showroom in early December. Might as well have don’t fucking bother up in giant lights above the door. Lol
  6. I think until the government sort this fucking Brexit shambles out everyone will be a bit twitchy
  7. When I was selling cars I was almost happy to lose to the commission to another salesman just to know a customer that dicked me about had lost the car: ’if it’s mean’t to be it’s meant to be’ was my most hated saying
  8. 1 out of the 4 in stock sold. Was quite pleased as had that 60 days and still managed to turn a profit on it. Not a Dickybird on anything else, and I think they are priced correctly. Wondering if I was stocking a few more cars it would feel a little less sparse as the chances are I would take some more calls.
  9. I would consider brakes/tyres/service items to be wear and tear. I would say anything else would be a conversation and depends on how picky the customer is
  10. Sorry there is some misunderstanding, I don’t mean compensation for me. I wanted to give a gesture to the customer. He has been so good about he whole thing and I want to keep my reputation intact.
  11. To be honest a customer would claim the same. This has been a right ball ache this last two weeks and I am now going to have to put them into another car I am going to take a loss on. I have brought a car that was meant to be clear and have sold it on as the same. I am not talking about a mossisve figure but surely a small amount for the agg is appropriate ? Plus also I wasn’t saying compensation for my stress. I said to pay the customer some compensation to keep him as a customer. He has a pregnant wife, I doubt he would have brought the car if he knew it before, as would I.
  12. Ok. Update. The dealer has come back to be. Experian should have had it registered, they are going to claim from them. My customer has had the car inspected by the bodyshop who are doing the insurance work. They say the cat d repair isn’t great. They don’t want the car. My question is, the dealer is taking about paying me what I paid plus the expenses. In my opinion they should pay me back some of the profit I made on the car , at the end of the day I think I need to give him some compensation to keep my my reputation plus I think I need some kind compensation for the stress and arse ache. input would be gratefully received.
  13. Yes I did advertise it on there. I too thought it would come up. The customer is being very reasonable about it, he is taking to his paintwork guy tomorrow which I get the investigations done. It was only because someone scraped the side and his guy said it had a previous repair that this all came about...hopefully he doesn’t throw me under the bus on closer inspection. Hey ho. Will have to roll with the punches. My best outcome is that he still wants the car and I get some money from the dealer via equifax and pass it on
  14. Strong level of irony there. With the typo. The dealer and da both very surprised as it should automatically list as cat d on the sale. and also very surprised that it didn’t flag up when placing the advert (I can’t see anywhere to select written off?)
  15. Thanks. At the second the dealer have an investigation in hand. I have used him a few times before. I will only escalate if I don’t get a satisfactory response.
  16. I already have. They are doing an Equifax investigation. I will await the outcome of that before going any further. I have been honest with my punter. I don’t want this biting me in the backside 2 years down the line. He hasn’t kicked off (yet). I would like to get all the information I can so I can plan for all outcomes.
  17. From what I have heard Audi/Vw and poss BMW are being told they can’t register any more new cars for the rest of the year due to emissions, wonder if that will have any effect on the part exchange market going forward?
  18. Timely! Looks like I may be calling lawgistics later. Turns out a car I purchased from a main dealer through d/a is a CAT D on HPI but not on Experian through the dealer check or a/trader. Need to take a bit of advice where I stand. Who was it said don’t take the jump lol
  19. Just because they seem to be the ones that end up with the least margin to afford to get it done. A few less mainstream bits seem to have enough that I can cover the cost.
  20. Thanks for the advice. Funny thing I think the same thing about prestige punters buying a 30k car with all their money, they think they have brought a new one. if I make a go I might have to do the private thing, just don’t have the time at the second. Re not going to BCA, this trade is incestious, someone sees you there and no doubt mentions it to someone else and then questions get asked of why you are selling cars on the side. I want to keep this as far apart as possible until I decide I can make the jump.
  21. I currently work for a main dealer and don’t want to poop on my own doorstep. I know technically you don’t have to give a warranty but I just think it’s best practice as under their consumer rights they have 6 months for repair replacement or refund, I just think a warranty gives you a safety net. To clear confusion I don’t mean cambelts that are due in a year or so, I mean one that should have been done but hasn’t (as is often the case) No I work for main dealer. Chances are someone that knows you will see you and it is easier not to have questions asked. All the time you are performing it’s fine, the second you aren’t it is presumed your eye is off the ball.
  22. Thanks for the reply, but surely even for a cheaper car if it is sold as a retail sale from a trader you have to provide 6 months warranty? I must admit I was assuming that would have to get it done to save a comeback, unless you put it in writing on the order form?
  23. (I did try and search this but couldn’t see this discussed) So I have been doing more research on making a go of it. Trying to source a few more cars. One thing I have noticed is cars seem to go for such a fortune on dealer auction that even with my current situation I think the margin is a bit tight for me (bearing in mind I can’t really go to bca or manheim as I don’t want a potential conflict of interest) I have done a few cheap fords which have always needed a cambelt, for my ownpeace of mind and selling point I make sure they are done Is it a case that some traders simply aren’t bothering with something like that and are just happy to take the risk that it won’t go in 6 months, or just not bothered if it does. Or are people just working on such little margins because the have a greater number of slots to fill?
  24. I had this today. Lady had her car written off. Started with is it still for sale. I still negotiated a bit off the price as they were going to look at another car 10 miles away that had leather and reversing camera that mine didn’t. I was confident my car couldn’t be beaten on condition and history but didn’t want to take the chance of them going away.