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  1. Just downloaded. Very interesting quite a bit of common sense but some really good insight. The auction section was particularly helpful. Would recommend anyone new to read before they post questions in the forum.
  2. Late to the party as you have fixed it. I’ve said before. Just get it back. Reduces the chances of another bellend telling them they shouldn’t have brought the car. I had someone last week that said it was EML. Turned out I was tyre pressure light. I got them to come up and ended up just putting air in the tyres. I also put £10 quid of fuel in for the journey. Not ideal but will be asking them for a 5 star review next week.
  3. Haha. Alarm bells going left right and centre
  4. Let him go there and them chip him a monkey for issues you wouldn’t bother about.
  5. In my day job we missed budget by quite a bit in September 32 from a target of 39. This month 45 with a target of 42. Haven’t done much different. Just the way it goes sometimes. My 1st sales manager told me its like a wheel....sometimes you are at the top, sometimes you are at the bottom. You just need to remember when you at either end you could be at the other the next month!
  6. I always try and fix things even if they are quite minor and the person is local. I have learnt over the years (even though we are all in the same trade) someone is more than happy to throw you under the bus and point out any minor issues with the car.
  7. I have a friend of mine up in London that his guy MOT’s his car with heavy privacy on the front windows. Makes you wonder how many cars are out there that shouldn’t be on the road!
  8. My pictures aren’t of the quality as the cars above (although different demographic) I really don’t think you can beat I Phone 10. Point and click with great quality. Plus I already have it in my hand and can upload them speedily. There are also courses on getting even better quality if you need
  9. I got marked down points on a recent audit for a valve cap missing.
  10. That’s the key point. I am getting stressed at the second as I am working my nuts off, I am getting paid off the bottom line which due to buy backs and things out of my control means I am down each month, then combine that with staffing issues and areas of the business I know I can’t change that are doing my head in. I think I might as well see if my energies will see me through, I already work late most evenings! When I earned 60k as a salesman the difference was too much. Now as controller I have got more experience and the difference in pay will make the jump lessz
  11. I was taking it that the 1st year would not be that figure. But would be more achievable when the business grows. I am also thinking I am paying 40% tax at the second so I would technically not have to earn as much to take home the same
  12. I currently have £8500 currently in 4 cars. I was aiming to try and raise 30k and invest another 21k in another 8 and leave a 9k contingency.
  13. But at least I will have control over my own destiny. I didn’t see a pay plan for 6 months. Then it turned out my ote included being 120% of target. Then I had my basic increased because I said I wouldn’t earn enough only to find out some of my bonuses had been taken away without telling me which mean I was in the same position. I have low prep times and cars are advertised promptly, I work full days and often till past closing. It will not be plain sailing but I have had a gut full of being taken the piss out of
  14. The 48k is based on me earning a 3k customer service bonus at the end of the year. Which isn’t nailed on. Anything that is earned in the cars is re invested or held back for issues. there is a number of factors making me want the move. Workload, money, travel. Just all adding up To be fair buddy, she was still the main earner even when I was earning 60k selling cars
  15. Well done. Good to hear someone actually getting some luck from a big player
  16. I am pretty sure that the car will still be taxed until you put the next owner change. Best to do change of owner and tax at the same time at the post offic
  17. I do try and keep at least £1000 marginbefore costs. Because it’s my Dad and my future reputation I try and keep away from old tut. I just think at the minute I am pretty comfortable looking after 30 to 40 cars prep wise at work and I’m working my bollocks off I would rather try and see if that will translate into my own success.
  18. It is scary some of the techs I have worked with in main dealers. In the last 6 months (in a main prestige) franchise I have had a set of pads put in the wrong way in a car and a car brought up to display that the tech missed the under bonnet sound proofing. Plus a couple of trade losses on buy backs that couldn’t be fixed
  19. Pretty much all of them to be fair. I was aiming to work with 12 or so that kind of works with what I was thinking. 3/4 are already mine and the rest are local customer’s and a couple of non runners from the garage.
  20. Yes, sorry I didn’t want to go trough old ground. After the last conversations I have pretty much made my mind up. Just wanted some ideas of stock turn so I can give this plan to the wife, the plan is to leave at the end of the year.
  21. £500 Ave at the second. As I said I am in a lucky position as I have the forecourt space and the insurance covered. At the second I am under the VAT threshold, that is maybe a conversation for another day as I think I need to speak to the accountant as might be better to put through the VAT reg’d garage and pay myself a commission
  22. Haha. You are welcome to it. Have been told 55k to 58k ote. We haven’t underachieved but I will be lucky to hit 48k. Haha. 4k
  23. Thanks, I don’t want to go over old ground if people have read it before. Full disclosure I am somewhat in a lucky position as my Dad owns a garage, 4 ramps, MOTs, 2 fuel pumps. Has space for 10 cars which are used by customers and for parking cars at the second. This will make things easier obviously.
  24. No. I don’t think she is. Hence the business plan to get an idea of exposure.
  25. - 100%. I truly think I can make it work. I have been a used car controller for the last year and a half. Selling cars for 20, My customer service skills are good and although was never top buy was always up there. I just feel I am working my arse off for someone else when I could at least see if it will work on my own.