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  1. VDI Check £1.41 + VAT
  2. When this is launched anyone not using AT checks will be at a disadvantage because their adverts will not display that the car has been checked. We all do our own checks be it HPI or other sources and possibly even say so in the advert text. I think this is more about giving the consumer confidence in your advert that the car has been checked. Customers will scroll through cars and ones without the green check message will stand out. Unfortunately another Autotrader add on that is going to cost money, but probably the only one which will actually save money in the long term.
  3. This works fantastic
  4. Search for the car on line to see if the trader is advertising it?


    The customer contacts LG to make a claim. The LG warranty is in addition to CRA parameters. LG warranty admin confirm to the customer whether the claim is valid or not (the part is covered / within mileage parameters etc). Whether the claim is valid or not LG discuss each claim with me and we can authorise the repair up to the claim limit if valid, or agree a gesture of goodwill payment for say 50% of the repair if the part is not covered, if that is appropriate at the time - Or if the claim is so outside the parameters of a valid claim we can agree to decline the claim which LG handle. Out of several hundred warranties issued we have only had a handful of claims for such things as wheel bearing, starter motor and battery. Batteries are not covered by the warranty but we have authorised such claims as gestures of goodwill. Basically LG will advise you on all claims. On the ones that are not valid it's up to you how you deal with them


    What's the problem with Lawgistics warranty for national customers? We put Lawgistics warranty on every car we sell. We have very few claims but if there is an issue the customer can take the car to any VAT registered garage in the UK. We pay the garage directly as necessary as long as the cost is reasonable and what you would expect for the repair, but Lawgistics manage the claim with you anyway. We have never had any issues with customers being unhappy with the service that Lawgistics warranty offer both on a local and national basis.
  7. Most people click through to my website from ebay or Autotrader and call me directly to the landline or mobile. I have call tracker but rarely get an ebay or Autotrader whisper call. I always ask customers where they saw the car and the most common reply is "everywhere".
  8. I agree, but like I said we've sold 3 cars through FB between Christmas & now. Not a single call via Autotrader. DD goes out on 02-01-19 to Autotrader for £2300 which makes FB results look very competitive as a cheap add on. The way I look at it is with FB you can serve your advert to the customer on their news feed. With Autotrader they actually need to be searching for a car. With FB you can catch customers very early on in their thought process and direct them straight to your website. Direct them to Autotrader and your competition lies in wait with their similar advert, slid in next to yours as a feature advert. Early days but for me it's working and I'm selling... All the best for 2019...
  9. Create yourself a "Jobsworth" page (your company name). Type in your advert, attach photos, create link to AT or your website. I would try it first by sticking an advert on free of charge, then if you fancy it boost the post and pay per click (define your local area, demographics, etc to maximise response). Ask your friends to like the post, then advertise to your friends and their friends - and build from there. You can even upload a list of previous customers to FB and they convert the list into a list of FB users that you can target. The list goes on and you can drill deeper and deeper into a more and more defined market. Good luck and Happy New Year... I did the adverts and let a few enquiries come in, then (no patience) I boosted the post to people that have liked my page and their friends. I also tried setting certain demographics with age, self employed, directors etc and a local area. Today I've posted our most expensive car into London FB with a diameter of 50 miles to see what response I get. The mind boggles..... I'm getting no response from Autotrader and I joke not I've been up and down like a yo-yo at my desk responding to FB enquiries. Might be a flash in the pan or it might be the way to go. Better than sat here waiting for Autotrader to produce some leads...
  10. I put 11 adverts on, some for 2 days and some for 5 days. If you don't have a website you can include a link to your Autotrader advert (but my thinking is that if you direct them to Autotrader there will be lots more to choose from and I prefer to keep their focus on my car on my website). Normally Facebook doesn't work for me. Maybe it's the time of year where everyone sits scrolling down FB newsfeed. I don't know. It's the first time we've had good results. What I do know is since October the Autotrader response has been hopeless, so thought I would try something different.
  11. I've discounted FB as a waste of time up to now, but for some reason on 23rd Dec I put all our stock on FB on individual adverts with click to message for enquiry / finance quote / test drive. Had 128 clicks to our website, 23 serious enquiry messages, 7 finance quotes, sold 2 cars as a result with another viewing this afternoon. Total cost £110. This compares to Autotrader who we spend £2300 with a month. Zero website clicks, zero phone calls, zero anything.
  12. Read the CF247 "Dealer Assurance Agreement" carefully. It's extremely onerous against the dealer.
  13. Any repair like this, we normally state on the work report "on-going repair - please monitor". We were advised to do this by the local trading standards officer on their CRA day in 2015.
  14. Our insurer pays out invoice cost plus delivery to site. If a customer has paid a deposit and are awaiting collection they pay out our retail invoice price.