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  1. Hi all, I exported a BMW 530E and the destination country is asking for the following prior to registration: May I know where do I get all these information? Can't find it on Kasio. Is it in the AIR system? I've never accessed the AIR system and it's asking for a payment ticket. Tried to buy a ticket but it kept prompting me to select a "different path" Thanks all
  2. Any recommendations for car shipping companies that do not require v5c before shipping the car? I'm currently using one but not too happy with the way they work. Applied for a new v5 via the v62 form but don't want to wait 6-8 weeks to ship the car
  3. Mine took 8 weeks, called them numerous times and they blamed it on Covid
  4. I bought it and registered it to my name, since it doesn't matter how many registered keeper it has when it's exported. As long as it arrives in Singapore within 3 months of registration date
  5. From what I understand DVLA no longer sends acknowledgment of permanent export, or am I missing something here?
  6. Customer said they need a document for proof of deregistration in the UK, I called up DVLA but they told me there are no official deregistration papers. What constitutes to a proof of deregistration in the UK since DVLA no longer sends out certificate of permanent export?
  7. Hi, I've exported a car to a customer in Singapore and was about to mail in the v5c/4 to DVLA, but was told 2 different advices by DVLA webchat. Advisor #1 told me to mail in the v5c export section Advisor #2 told me to mail the entire v5c to the customer in Singapore, and that I should only mail in the v5c/4 if I am going to be the person registering the vehicle in Singapore (i.e moving to Singapore with the car) Not sure if it matters, but I am going to claim the VAT since it is a VAT Qualifying car from BCA. Both insisted that they were right, any idea what is the correct process?
  8. None of them are accepting new applications, kinda stuck using Transferwise. Appreciate any advice
  9. According to their website, it says they're not accepting new business account applications. Are there exceptions? Tried Barclays and they told me to call their business line but no one answered the call even after waiting for 3 hours
  10. Kinda late to the game and my company was only incorporated this year June. Most of the High Street banks are not open to new business bank account applications due to Covid, so I tried opening a business account with Tide and Starling. However, both online banks rejected the application citing "businesses in certain industries can't currently be on-boarded". Any idea what are my options to get a business bank account from here?
  11. Yes, to Singapore. How did you know?
  12. I really hope so! Been waiting for almost 3 weeks for it, and still no news from them. No numbers to call and customer service is not helpful either
  13. Tried emailing eccoc@bmw.co.uk but they're taking forever to send the COC Any other reliable sources to get the COC? Thanks in advance for the advice