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    There has been a lot of coverage today in the press how shopping has increased vastly by people who have had the jab, and how much Internet supermarket orders have dropped, quite eye opening figures, ok, these are people over 50 mainly, but it shows the desperation and need to physically see what they're buying and, in theory, examine the package. This says to me people are desperate to go shop, honestly I am too, I would be very interested to see the average age of a carzoo buyer, if I missed it let me know. All good news, for the majority of us. The actual pdf is very good reading ( I nearly put dpf, same thing really, full of shit ) scroll down to the very small print, " risk factors" how much basically they are dependent on outside sources, frightening. And this is where you and I exceed this company, we are " fit for purpose" if our valeter has a fire, we can go to the next one, if our mot station falls down, we can go next door, if our delivery driver crashes, someone else will deliver at the drop of a hat, if we lost a phone we can get another within hours, and change adverts, you get the drift. We are fit for purpose because we can run rings round them in every aspect, we give, service. I' m not bitter, I just laugh,
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    Also the "31% don't trust car dealers" is somewhat shooting themselves in the foot. THEY'RE A CAR DEALER TOO!!! The difference being, a consumer could still buy a car from an untrusted car dealer because they could go and look at the car beforehand, nitpick, take it for a test drive, blah blah blah. At the end of the day you're not marrying the dealer or asking them to look after your puppy, the car could still be good despite the car dealer being a sleazeball. And car dealers being untrusted is a disadvantage to them, not an advantage, because in addition to themselves being a car dealer, they need to establish a sufficiently high amount of trust to convince the customer to do it entirely online. Starting from nothing is a risk. At least Cinch have the advantage that parent BCA have been screwing their customers for donkey's years so have it down to a fine art.
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    The unique could be........they could loose more money....more quickly? Your spot on, they likely never will, in all my experience with manufacturer management are they are only concerned with shifting new metal, they really are missing a huge trick, I know some do try and manage short term daily rental stock but are really missing a trick with some of the 36/48 months lower mileage PCH cars
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    If you wish to view the investor presentation its on you tube.
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    What happens if I part exchange a car, but I want it back during the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee period? Once we pick up your old car the part exchange is final and you won’t be able get it back
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    i thought we agreed to keep our extra curricular activities private x
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    Dont lie you had a little crank over it earlier using tears a lube
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    My temperature gauge is full, do you know a garage that could empty it for me?
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    ......Not a good idea as I only get pocket money from my wife.( my CEO )It goes back to when I had my first pitch and always having a grand readies in your back pocket. I was always missing cash.I now run around in a 06 Rav while my wife’s handbag collection is probably worth more than the stock on a small pitch !