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  1. Very slow here , but an uptick in finance enquiries (sub prime) and lots of those frustrating Emails : 'I'm interested in your car , you can contact me back on'
  2. Yep , surprised myself by winning a couple last's gone quiet though 1
  3. I seem to have actually picked up a bit of stock this week and now it's gone quiet , which tell me , as usual , I was the last idiot paying over book and it's peaked
  4. Has something changed at WBAC then as they used to not deal with trade ?
  5. Wife gets a nice CRV to float about in , I'll drive any old crap !
  6. Anglo9


    yep , I took £50k and will be paying it back over 10yrs , interest is very low .....much better than a stocking which you are not actually paying off . Go for it !
  7. Stopped taking cards 2 years ago , I reckon it's cost me a couple of viewings , but big saving on fees and potential for fraud/chargebacks . Everyone seems fine with bank transfer nowadays
  8. Another shout for George , UK made also !
  9. Exactly this , helps weed out out the messers too
  10. R A Insurance were very good last year , dealt with Ben : 0208 2561020
  11. I bank with and applied through Barclays , Money was in my account within 12 hours .