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  1. i Just made £143, is that ok ? joke
  2. There has been a lot of coverage today in the press how shopping has increased vastly by people who have had the jab, and how much Internet supermarket orders have dropped, quite eye opening figures, ok, these are people over 50 mainly, but it shows the desperation and need to physically see what they're buying and, in theory, examine the package. This says to me people are desperate to go shop, honestly I am too, I would be very interested to see the average age of a carzoo buyer, if I missed it let me know. All good news, for the majority of us. The actual pdf is very good reading ( I nearly put dpf, same thing really, full of shit ) scroll down to the very small print, " risk factors" how much basically they are dependent on outside sources, frightening. And this is where you and I exceed this company, we are " fit for purpose" if our valeter has a fire, we can go to the next one, if our mot station falls down, we can go next door, if our delivery driver crashes, someone else will deliver at the drop of a hat, if we lost a phone we can get another within hours, and change adverts, you get the drift. We are fit for purpose because we can run rings round them in every aspect, we give, service. I' m not bitter, I just laugh,
  3. If you wish to view the investor presentation its on you tube.
  4. What happens if I part exchange a car, but I want it back during the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee period? Once we pick up your old car the part exchange is final and you won’t be able get it back
  5. Online used car dealer Cazoo claims the ‘offline retail experience’ for car buyers is ‘no longer fit for purpose’. In an investor presentation, the used car dealer – which bought Imperial Car Supermarkets last year and set them up as ‘customer handover centres’ – claims 31 per cent of consumers ‘do not trust car dealers’. well let's all go home now then Hang on
  6. Safe and well thankyou, back to the grindstone 12th April touch wood, 1st jab on Sunday, just told a bloke in superdooper shop emporium " oi, bleeding queue here, get your arse to back " Now I've shown me age and me temper !
  7. Very Sorry to read this.... Future, its a totally different way of doing business, we will never rid covid, and we have to be ready for the "its okay ive had the vaccine" brigade, its now up to us to educate the buyers our new way, outside all the time, guess I am lucky, my stock will be outside, buyers tend to get giddy when viewing and want to look at and sit in "others" they feel its there right because they're here to spend money, so, all cars locked, good signage, and verbal reminder of why they cant view multiple cars, which is a shame, 1, because I like to let people relax and look round and make a relaxed decision, and 2, I don't like "hounding customers " ( or talking to them ). Educating them to the fact that you are "covid secure" and the last dealer they went to or going to, might not be so keen to be so secure, and its a good sales point really ? And do I want you spreading other car dealers customers covid to my site? Good one about "family running round" this is going to be particularly hard to govern, and will come with experience, test drives ? Shall l go back to, no, I have driven it for 20+ miles and full refund if on purchase your not happy ? Its worked before. I guess bottom line is, and I've said it before " this is my business and its taken years to build up into a trusting business with repeat custom, if you don't want to be covid secure, then I don't want your money "? Stay safe
  8. Stop the messers, no £100 deposit, make it £500.
  9. I think your customer is trying to get 14days car hire Has he asked you if you do insurance ?
  10. I am hearing popular commercials (transit, sprinters) are going abroad ?
  11. This was a question put to Chris witty tonight on the update with Boris, he was asked, "if I have both jabs, can I socialise with another who has had both jabs ? " Chris witty = no, we need more data. So to even consider it with just one jab is definitely very dangerous ! There is no data to confirm that you are less liable to transmit the virus. There is no shortcut, we wait on more data, and more people vaccinated ,
  12. This is how its going to be isnt it, I have had " its ok l have had it "
  13. April 5 According to The Telegraph, the Government's roadmap will make sure there is not a sudden increase in community transmission, by staggering what opens when. A Whitehall source told the Telegraph: "If schools do open in March, and the priority is certainly to open schools first, then it will mean other things have to remain closed for some time. “We have to avoid the situation last time where the return of schools meant far greater household mixing across the board. “So that means we'd be likely to wait at least another month for non-essential retail, and a month beyond that at least for pubs and restaurants."
  14. The more people abuse click n collect the quicker it will be gone, minority spoiling it for majority, two traders near me advertising appointment viewing only and we will sit 2 metre apart in office ! You only need one customer who is a carrier, and your dead, pissed off me of people not obeying .
  15. This is the best I can find to this and is my opinion = A none essential retailer will by law be closed, as we all are, a none essential retailer offering click collect is still closed but just doing collect, you can't do test drives if your closed, and you can't let the customer out on his own test drive if your closed ! As well as all the advice about travelling in vehicles ! Click and collect means, in my eyes, you click, you collect, any other services your offering is not legal am I correct?
  16. take a note Mrs Jones Fao that Baggott chappie, the one who runs this very site Sir, idea for a article, click collect deliver, surely wide open to scammers ? Don't want to say too much on a open forum, but, if you look from a scammers point, quite easy surely ? Yours faithfully bla bla bla Usual commission
  17. The £100 off the aygo on finance is just her thinking I should ask for something off, its just how they are, I get round this by just ignoring / changing subject or, if pushed, by saying we'll if you want £100 off, then so do I, okay to put the old 3mm tyres back on ? Cash, it Will be cash, like said, takes them 3 days to draw it out ! Then watch them count it out in front of you ! Shit themselves, "now then 20 40 60 80 100, check that " Then someone opens door and money blows all round office . Very rare someone pulls a wedge out nowadays, and if they do, its a well worn wedge
  18. They Sneaked this update in 21 dec ! Travelling out of a Tier 4 area You must stay at home and not leave your Tier 4 area, other than for legally permitted reasons such as: travel to work where you cannot work from home travel to education and for caring responsibilities visit or stay overnight with people in your support bubble, or your childcare bubble for childcare purposes attend hospital, GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health to provide emergency assistance, and to avoid injury or illness, or to escape a risk of harm (such as domestic abuse) The full list of exceptions will be published in the Regulations. Travelling into or out of a Tier 3 alert level area Avoid travelling outside your area, including for overnight stays, other than where necessary, such as: for work for education to access voluntary, charitable or youth services because of caring responsibilities for moving home to visit your support bubble for a medical appointment or treatment Where necessary, you can travel through other areas as part of a longer journey.