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  1. The classic market seems to have really dipped Modern classics like yours still seem pretty strong tho You've nothing to lose, If you are happy to sit on it then gives you a sale advantage, advertise it for top end, if it sells...great, if it doesn't.. store it away
  2. Daft question... having a major sort out and i've years (i mean years) worth of CAP & Glasses Guide Value Books Is there anywhere to get rid of them? Ebay job lot? Or just bin them?
  3. Can't be manheim as there are actually images
  4. Tbh no, i havent had anything for a while from them but they are localish so can't comment on the vehicles, but they still send me emails/auction cats through, just they emailed the other day to say all online fees are being waived
  5. Fleet Auction have waived their online fees
  6. Personally i like the Menzerna range Menzerna Super Finish 3500 is a pretty good all round one stage polish (except for harder paints where i drop to 2200) Then Menzerna Power lock sealant, im not a huge fan of synthetics but it leaves a great finish and lasts well
  7. I have to agree Just looked at your volvo V60. Exterior photographs have too much light exposure, you cant particulary see the bodywork clearly Also, without sounding rude, maybe its just that car , but looks like a rushed/bodge clean. The sills and arches are dirty, tyre shine poorly and badly applied, boot trim dirty. Also i dont understand the close up shots of the bumper corners? With the light exposure/sun shining on the car all i can see is swirl marks? Also showing the V5 and invoice, with Volvo Leasing written all over it would be putting me off personally
  8. So is the new dealer auction £99 per month or £199 per year? I could swallow the yearly fee, but i wouldn't be willing to pay £99 per month for it Still havent been able to get on, but hearing its awful, seen a few dealers are now using other platforms, maybe worth sitting it out a bit longer and seeing what happens
  9. Thats disgusting!! I wouldn't be getting back in that tub after thats for sure
  10. I'll second that I've 2 GTI's, which i doubt i will ever sell, such a wonderful overlooked car
  11. G101 takes some beating, i use the stuff on everything I much prefer Autosmart Finish for trims etc, it doesn't have the horrible "fake" shine, tho very close to that is a product from Madcow called Mango Sauce. Really nice matt/semi shine finish and smells fantastic Whilst we are on the topic, i'd also recommend Madcow Ultra Violet as a QD/DA... Wonderful stuff
  12. are the N18's any better on oil than the N14's? Had awful issues with Peugeots, DS3's and Minis with the 1.6 engine drinking oil
  13. you need an old priest and a young priest
  14. Try some panel wipe if it hasnt been on too long
  15. Best on i had, a couple loved the car they were looking at Right car, better spec than they wanted, newer then they had expected to get, lower mileage, and well within the budget Lovely i thought, quick easy sale... Tho after the test drive, they decided not to have it. The reason being... Claustrophobic feet