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  1. This is one one rule that I have ever been able to come to terms with The Tax man understands if you make a loss on a car it should be taken into account but the Vat man he's not interested
  2. The job is full of minefields these days, got to be so careful & not all cars are suitable to retail with a warranty, eg a 2k car with a dual mass rattle, that could last for ages but who knows I don't think anything is concrete to protect yourself, I list all the known faults, its their responsibility to do their own checks, vet the customer & tell them the negatives openly & tell them the costs of repair to be done, the eg clutch goes it could cost you £600-£800 & if they hesitate or wince at the thought I say the car it not for you & put them off it as id rather not sell it than have the hassle, its so anti sales really! The only one thing is for it to be a trade sale & the invoice has to go into a trade name
  3. Many thanks. I am selling unprepared as many of the owners of these put their spin on them & the main cost of refurb is the front pipe & wheel refurb & both items are often upgraded, going out as it came in. I have put all known faults If I do a full retail on it I will just get well too involved, like I often do Just on with an Astra & after, cambelt water pump, discs & pads, rocker cover, front tyres & about a 60 mile test run, then you find out If you really kick its head in it makes an extra whistle & cannot find the fault, so that's going the same way as I've had enough of it, some wouldn't test it so much & wouldn't of found the fault but now I know its there so I cannot sell it as being right & will have to take the loss on the chin. I know about the spares or repair wording, got to be careful
  4. Hi, I am just about to advertise a Clio 200 that has an Mot till Jan 17th, 39 days left, I don't want to get involved into making a retail car but but it would be good if someone could tax it. Does anybody know for sure how many days left are needed, just looked on the internet & seeing 30,14, 7 days & even 1 day mentioned, every answer cannot be right Thanks
  5. It that the older ones, like they put in the Honda's, Peugeot's, Vauxhalls as Ive heard that info before but it was too late after the values had dropped Not sure if they were a Bosch electronics
  6. Eco Boost 1.0, Puretech, Powershifts, could carry on but three is enough for now, lol
  7. I have had ex police stuff out there before, went on a couple of times recently & they are silly money now! Plenty of bidders out there with no margin of error left in there bid price
  8. Despite the stocking loans, Is BCA getting to the stage of Monoply's commission stuff Own The Biggest Auction (BCA), Own the most used price guide (Cap) & buy the most used cars in the country (webuyanycar) Have too much hold over the full Job
  9. I have asked my bank in the past about this & they say its ok, but I have my doubts if its 100% safe even though I take transfers a lot. I am pretty sure that an international bank transfers can be taken back before the start of the next banking day The car job these days is a risky business, so many scammers out there
  10. If you've got a breaker licence to buy it a 2018 Bmw with no body damage would be a great breaker Some cat b's used to make it to the road but after the categories changed so did the chance to get them on the road One rule I use after many years, don't try to make sense of why a car has a certain category as in some cases it just doesn't make sense
  11. I would stick to your current business direction & if you want to earn extra money, get training in paintless dent removal this can be good money & fits nicely with your current business Dent man can earn £200 quid a day Get known in the trade as a place to go for a solution to a problem & the customers will flood in. If you do a bit of buying & selling plus detailing you might end up being known as a jack of all trades. and if you really want to do some cars, keep it as a now & then thing so you still get some fun out of it Thanks Charlie
  12. Bmw 4 Cylinder petrol, insignia's, ecoboost 1.0, they are on the total ban list
  13. Oh my god that must be some relief, get some professional advice maybe even from the car dealer club lawyers